Private league services

We can integrate our tracking tools for your private league, the current tools we provide for private leagues are the Currency Overview, Ladder deaths and Ladder deaths stats

When requested, the services will be running until your league end, you will be able to later download all the tracked data as .sql format, you can also specify the option for us to save your league history so it can be viewed at any time (when the league ended)

Currency overview

View how your league currency is going, you can also view extended data to see how the price of certain orbs change over time

Hardcore deaths

View latest hardcore deaths for your private league

You can also search any account to view the deaths of that account inside the league

Hardcore deaths stats

View stats for the hardcore deaths of your private league

Getting started

If you wish to request our services for your private league you can contact us at Reddit or at Discord Raggaer#0954

Feature Price
Currency overview 6 EUR / 30 days
Hardocre deaths tracker (Hardcore stats included) 9 EUR / 30 days


For leagues shorter than 30 days the prices are the same (0.2 for the Currency overview per day for example), however atleast 2 EUR needs to be charged to request the private services

End of league and canceling

When your league ends you will be able to download all the data we tracked for the services you requested using .sql format. We can also host your league data (after the leage ends) so you can view it at any time

You can cancel your services at any time, when canceling, after the paid time is expired we will stop tracking and you will be able to download what we tracked so far about your league

How does it work

We mainly work crawling the Path of Exile websites (such as trade site, forums and profiles) using this library. We gather all this data periodically and we save the relevant information into our BIG database

Everything is done on the background so you wont notice when we are gathering data or when we are not. This means all services should always work fast and without delays