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It appears something was changed by chrome and/or GGG since the extension stopped working, nothing in Looty was changed and it still works in Firefox. Unfortunately I can't maintain the extension in two browsers. I suggest switching to the Firefox version.

Download for Firefox:

Q: Looty, WTF is Looty?

Looty puts all your sweet Path of Exile loots into a searchable datagrid. If you have a stash of any size, there is no faster way to find a piece of loot in it that using Looty. It's an extension to Google Chrome (or Chromium) and is available for free in the Chrome Web Store here:

Chrome Web Store Page

Q: Any more info?

Sure! here is the description from the Chrome Web Store I wrote about the tool:

-= Looty! A Datagrid interface to Path of Exile Inventories.=-

Looty puts all your sweet Path of Exile loots into a searchable datagrid.

Why the hell would you want to do that?

I'll tell you why, when you have 20+ stash tabs full of all the junk that washes up on the god forsaken shores of Wraeclast you need an interface to wade through all that garbage.

If your a self-found alta-holic with too many stash tabs and too little time to organize all your junk here's what you do.

Can't remember which alt has your multi-strike gem? Easy just type multistrike into the name field. PROBLEM - SOLVED. That alt you made months ago NoPantsAllStaff appears to have it, hmm you might want to find another one.

Going to try to a summoner, well I bet you want that +2 to minion health helmet you probably looted. "Sure wish I could remember where I left it. Oh well I'll just play my bow ranger today". Bow Ranger? Get a hold of yourself man. Looty is here to help, just scroll alllll the way over to the +gMinion column and click to sort on it. Looks like you've looted a couple of those. Party on.

Which of my 50 spectral throw gems has my sweet seraph microtransaction effect? I can't start this avatar of fire spectral throw (huh?) alt looking like a total weaksauce newb. Enter seraph into the cosmetic column and BOOM, there it is buried in the inventory of WhinyScion that alt you made and dropped when the Cruel cruel Imperial Gardens weren't having anymore of your poorly planned build. This time though, it will totally work.

Leveling that claw reaver, just hit level 25 and feel like its time to find an upgrade to dem jank nails somewhere in your stash? Easy just enter claw into the type field and <=25 in the rLvl field then click on dps a couple times to sort by it. BOOM A 100 DPS claw you looted years ago, /gg next 5 levels.

QUICKSILVERS! WHICH OF YOU ALTS HAS MY PERPETUAL QUICKSILVERS OF AMPHETAMINES!!! NOBODY HAS TIME FOR WALKING! Hang onto your butts because it's hiding out on bowlegs that ranger you made when you thought it was a good idea to play ice shot rangers. You were such a newb back then. But at least you found your quicksilvers because you typed quick in the name field.

What more can Looty do? Steal all your account info? No it doesn't do that, don't believe me? Well then check out the source on github.

Download for Firefox:

Download from the chrome webstore BROKEN for most users:

-=Version History:=-

See the github source for the most upto date commit log.
# Version History
## (2019-04-26)
Realm can be set under settings, set it to sony in order for looty to
work with the ps4 version of PoE, other realms may work as well.

## (2019-04-20)
The Computer Speaking Gibberish, in Llama Mode had to be removed to placate Firefox Add-on Validation.
jQuery upgraded to version produced this decade, again at the behest of Firefox Add-on Validation.
Looty now available in Firefox.

## (2019-04-20)
Holy Saturday, I must be high, Looty Lives! It's a miracle!
Updating Affixes

## (2018-03-15)
Remove google analytics code

## (2017-12-12)
Thanks to PetePete1984 for updating Looty to work with the
latest changes to the APIs from the abyssal leagues.

## (2017-08-19)
# adding more parsers

## (2017-08-05)
# 20% Less ornery commit message

## (2017-08-05)
# fix for GGG change of API

## (2017-04-18)A
Thanks to PetePete1984 for uploading several fixes and patches to enhance looty
as well as getting to compile on windows!
@PetePete1984 Moves windows build script to bin folder 49f56c6
@PetePete1984 Enables parsing Full Dragonscale Armour … 7636cf3
@PetePete1984 Improves handling for map fragments … 267b11d
@PetePete1984 Adds a unique custom2 column for the new scoring system

## (2016-12-06)
# Quote commas in csv

## (2016-05-27)
# Fix for affix

## (2016-05-27)
# Use poe website passive tree instead of poebuilder

## (2016-03-19)
# Accepted PR from PetePete1984 that fixes upgrade panes to work with Ascendancy Classes

## (2016-03-19)
# Fixed some affixes

## (2016-02-27)
# Added item level

## (2015-11-21)
# Attempting to dynamically add leagues ... try again ... again

## (2015-10-05)
# Attempting to dynamically add leagues ... try again

## (2015-10-05)
# Attempting to dynamically add leagues

## (2015-08-20)
# Bug fix for issues from from RNJoy's video (-mana cost of skills / life leech don't sort/filter properly)

## (2015-08-20)
# <<M:Thanks>><<S:A Lot>><<MS:GGG>>Fix for GGG breaking all community tools without notice.

## (2015-07-11)
# Added Basic Jewel Support

## (2015-07-10)
# Fixed parsers to work with POE 2.0 Affix strings

## (2015-07-10)
# Added Support for Tempest / Warbands Leagues

## (2015-06-28)
# Fix for changed ajax api

## (2015-05-08)
# Added flashback league support

## (2015-04-28)
# Trying to get account name to work for all users

## (2015-04-24)
# Added account name to get-character skill tree call

## (2015-04-21)
# Added account name to get-character inventories call since it is required there now

## (2015-04-06)
# Added temp leagues

## (2015-02-10)
# Added type line for finding items by their base types (Jalish)

## (2015-02-01)
# Added eDps (thanks 1BLOOBERRY)
# Added Dire Cloak, Dire Jack, Pain Veil types (thanks 1BLOOBERRY)

## (2014-12-15)
* Fixed stash tab buttons not turning red during reloads
* Tweaks to map view

## (2014-12-12)
* Updated description

## (2014-12-12)
* Patch 1.3.0 Parsing updates

## (2014-12-11)
* fabric
* poebuilder pop out

## (2014-12-10)
* styling

## (2014-12-10)
* Fixed Bug, Less/CSS files not copied to deploy

## (2014-12-10)
* Material Design
* Added Coinbase tip
* Split strings on | instead of ' '

## (2014-12-09)
* Fixed properties in tooltips that got broke by flask interpolation

## (2014-12-09)
* Added Increased Elemental Damage With Weapons (thanks jalish/toup/sundrino!)
* Added css classes for controls

## (2014-11-30)
* Added upcoming leagues
* Flasks are interpolated

## (2014-09-20)
* Block Chance Column

## (2014-09-19)
* Moar columns

## (2014-09-18)
* Added Skill Gem Keywords Column
* Added +%Phys Column
* Added Explicit Mod Count Column
* Added Crafted Mod Count Column
* Show Crafted (from masters) Mods on Item Cards + Use their stats in columns
* Only show a few columns by default

## (2014-09-12)
* added stash idx to loc

## (2014-09-12)
* Fix for borked netcode logic (thanks to sundrino for pointing it out)

## (2014-09-12)
* Removed ojs / Start using the CGTA/open libraries
* Flat Accuracy increase column - for sundrino

## (2014-09-09)
* Added WealthView

## (2014-09-08)
* Added columns for CookieVortex

## (2014-09-06)
* fixed bug with inventory ids in RefreshPane
* unknown items are just warnings
* fixed bug with unused forumLocationName

## (2014-09-06)
* Finally fixed a bug in the RPC layer that was causing tabs to randomly not refresh. Just because js is single threaded doesn't mean it's simple!

## (2014-09-04)
* Fixed bugs that were causing passive skill trees not to load in PoeBuilder.
* Don't complete futures for queueitems. which have already been completed. Fixes a bug where random stash tabs weren't loading.

## (2014-09-03)
* Silly Looty! Mitts aren't Helmets. (Thanks to Sundrino for the bug report)

## (2014-09-03)
* Export Csv
* Added "for Path of Exile" to the name of looty so hopefully it shows up in the chrome store when searching for Path of Exile

## (2014-09-01)
* Refresh character levels

## (2014-08-30)
* Added a Link to the [main forum thread]( in the alert messages. Please stop by and let me know what you think of Looty!
* Shift-clicking an item will refresh it container from the server. Use this as you find items in looty that you end up using to keep things in sync.

## (2014-08-27)
* Fixed: really this time, refreshing stash tabs was messed up on new installs.

## (2014-08-27)
* Fixed: refreshing stash tabs was messed up on new installs.

## (2014-08-27)
* Significantly improved Y layout location logic for item-detail hover.

## (2014-08-26)
* Fixed: Refresh player data automatically on PoeBuilder view and LootGrids.

## (2014-08-26)
* Fixed: Secondary Item wasn't being hidden.
* Fixed: Upgrade view didn't show deltas when changing between items of the same type (e.g. Ring/Ring2)

## (2014-08-26)
* New: Upgrades pane. Select a character and click on a slot and Looty will show how every item across all your stash tabs compares to the item you have equipped at that slot. This should make finding gear upgrades a snap when leveling!
* Enhancement: Images in item detail hovers
* Enhancement: font-face = Helvetica, Arial, Sans Serif, bask in the glorious the xheight.
* Change: Numeric column width back to 50px to fit more stuff on the screen.
* Enhancement: Added 1H/2H prefix to all weapons types (Except bows) for easier searching

## (2014-08-25)
* Added messages linking to feature page on reddit

## (2014-08-24)
* Rewrote Gem XP Tracker. Try it out and let me know what you guys think!
* Using select2 menus on the datagrids for user defined views (saveable sets of columns / filters)
* Added ACE / vm.js (for custom scores, not yet implemented)
* Added dexerity bonus to accuracy rating column.
* Added socket color of gems into the sockets column.

## (2014-08-23)
* Numeric columns don't require operators (e.g. < <= etc) anymore. Those operators can still be used however they should filter as a min or max automatically. For example typing 50 in the pDps column will only show items with a pDps greater than or equal to 50. while typing it into the rLvl column (RequiredLevel) will show items that require at most level 50.
* Strength and Int Bonuses are now applied to life / mana (thanks to sundrino for the suggestion)
* Increased cast speed, accuracy and max energy shield all have columns

## (2014-08-22)
* shift click on a character / tab in [tabs] to refresh that character or tab from
* more descriptive types
* larger column headers / smaller fonts

## (2014-08-22)
* Show empty cells instead of zeros

## (2014-08-22)
* Fixed sizing issue with PoeBuilder Page

## (2014-08-22)
* Add / Remove / Save Columns + Filters
* Add / Remove / Refresh Tabs
* Open a characters build in PoeBuilder (Poe Builder is awesome check it out sometime!)
* rarity column (thanks to sundrino for the suggestion)

## (2014-08-21)
* Fixed bug with Block % not parsing correctly

## (2014-08-21)
* Fixed bug with max level gems causing parse errors
* Upgrade to ScalaJs 0.5.3

## (2014-08-20)
* Fixed google analytics script errors

## (2014-08-20)
* Added a misc column that shows count of items in stack / mapLevel / gemLevel / Total #Sockets (thanks to hih0, Sirais, and tokyotapes for the suggestions)

## 0.2.1 (2014-08-20)
* Fixed DPS Bug (thanks to SoulProxy for reporting to the issue)

## 0.2.0 (2014-08-19)
* Chrome Web Store Release

The [ScalaJS]( based [GPLv2]( source code is on [github]( There is a [README](, as well as an [issue tracker](, feel free to post bugs, questions, or feature requests there. I am also have a public [trello board]( for tracking progress on tasks I am actively working on.

Mar 13, 2014 11:38:58 AM

bjax wrote:
I made an extension for chrome that lays out all items in your stash tabs in a grid. It has the ability to filter and sort items in your inventory by affixes and requirements.

Here is a demo: make sure you navigate to the 'ambush' to see the grid. The demo should work in newer versions of chrome / firefox.

Unless/Until GGG makes an API to get the data out Looty has to run as an extension to access stashtab data. I made it as a chrome extension because it was easier for me. If there is a lot of demand I can look into converting it to firefox as well.

More information available at:

the github page: (it's Open Source and GPLv2)
the download page:

I wrote Looty from scratch, however I did submit a few patches to the old PoE Helper extension back in the day and picked up quite a bit of knowledge about accessing PoE data from its source.

If you are interested in helping, try it out and leave me some feedback on this thread or on this reddit post:

Very nice. I'll give it a shot :) Could be very handy when doing trades I find that I don't want to let the customer waiting while I search for the item in my stash.

Thanks for sharing!

Mar 13, 2014 17:33:03 PM

Doesn't Procurment basically do this?

Mar 13, 2014 22:58:15 PM

It's definitely similar to Procurement.

I think Procurement is awesome, it's shop generator seemed like a killer feature. However I only tried it once as I had been busy dog-fooding Looty, previously I had submitted patches for PoEHelper. I later decided to write a new extension from scratch.

Looty is designed to:

1. Load data as fast as GGG allows and then cache it locally, so subsequent loads are fast and to prevent wasting GGG's bandwidth. This annoyed me about PoeHelper which I used to submit patches to further design goal 2:

Which is,

2. Have a very responsive filterable & sortable spreadsheet style view of all items across all tabs & characters in a league.

This allows you to:

* Find leveling gear spread across 15 characters and 100 tabs really fast, (enter <35 in rlvl, chest in type, and sort by AR+EV for example will find good IR chests).

* Find which alt has has your quicksilvers of adrenaline. (type adrenaline in the name column)

* Find your cosmetic microtransactions (click twice on the cosmetic column header to sort descending)

Hopefully someone who has used Procurement (and isn't biased like me!) can try out the sample page* and chime in with what they think. Feedback welcome.

*Sample Page, using some of my items:

Here is the statement of motivation for Looty:

Mar 14, 2014 01:04:41 AM

Gave this a go. Very nice. Does exactly what it says it does.
I'll be using this from now on.

The item score is an interesting concept. At the moment I am assuming it gives +1 for each of the desireable mods from that reddit thread?

Mar 14, 2014 14:02:23 PM

hazydoc wrote:
The item score is an interesting concept.

wait. does that mean gs is coming to poe too? wth is wrong with you people?

Mar 14, 2014 15:00:15 PM

Does it find gems socketed inside other items in the stash? POEHelper does, Procurement doesn't.

Mar 14, 2014 16:54:49 PM

Gave this a go. Very nice. Does exactly what it says it does.
I'll be using this from now on.

The item score is an interesting concept. At the moment I am assuming it gives +1 for each of the desireable mods from that reddit thread?

Thank you! I am happy to here that you find it useful. I appreciate any feedback. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Yes, basically, I probably messed it up a bit, but that was my intention. It also gives any 5L +10 points and a +100 to any 6L.

I have a TODO to add an explanation of where each point comes from to the item description.
I have another to make an interface for user defined scoring functions.

Mar 14, 2014 17:28:54 PM

wait. does that mean gs is coming to poe too? wth is wrong with you people?

wat? wath is gs? is item score? it nice! much score! so computed! we tweet now! on forum! so type! wow! such response! under 140. go doge!

Mar 14, 2014 17:41:55 PM

Does it find gems socketed inside other items in the stash? POEHelper does, Procurement doesn't.

It should or I have a bug to fix. GGG recursively encodes the gems inside an item, via a field called socketedItems.

Here's a gist of the recursive parsing code:

It's in this file:

Mar 14, 2014 17:50:31 PM
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