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Dear GGG,

I don't usually write feedbacks (I see no point in it usually), but let me give you some. As someone who played Blizzard's Diablo2 for nearly decate (both single player and, I was neatly suprised by this game and when I 1st started it I was like all nostalgia "this is my diablo2 succsessor". I have it now on PS4, so I will adress a PS4 version. PC players can call me console peasant, I don't care. I have my comfort from couch now and not some back-killing "gamer" seat :).

1st I would like to start with controls. I am satisified with the controlls but one thing, that irks me to no end, and that is the priority which control chooses target. I don't even know how many fragmented memories I failed to stabilize, because controller rather choose monster as target rather than memory stabilizier. Same goes for other important things like chests, quest items, shrines etc. on PC it's easy to click on shrine with mouse. On console - not so much. I even went as far as to remove skill from my X button cuz instead of stabilizing memory, my character instead chooses to swing his big-a** sword into air instead. If there is method to set priorities to cursor let me know. I don't go to options often :).

regarding stability my PoE on PS4 tend to crash from time to time on PS4 pro. No apparent reason, it happens anytime, mostly during fight (which is mostly chaotic with a lot of creeps to slay). I'm pretty sure I am not the only one so I believe you know about this issue.

Regarding internet connections, quite often I experience lags. ofc they were before, are and were and during my diablo2 times, which is one of reasons I don't play HC (one lag and you dead, you know it), however, still bearable bar from time-to-time disconnection, but since game keeps your progress it's not such a big deal.

Now onto gameplay:
I will adress the current league - synthesis. I find it mostly OK apart from one thing and that is the objective of this league - creating good items by using the machine is nearly, if not impossible. in order for item to be good you need good rolls on everything - you need specific items to merge (if you use 1 you don't want and 33% chance kicks in, you are out of luck RIP), then it needs to have good modifiers, and preferably 3 of them. I am level 83 atm and to be honest - I have yet to see single fragmented item with 3 modifiers, much less item I need WITH modifiers I need/want. It's much cheaper and better options just to find it rare without these modifier. It's simply too much of a hassle especially since their drop rate is quite low to begin with. I managed to drop 3 exhalted orbs by now and I didn't manage to find single for example dragonskin gloves with 3 modifiers - much less 3 of them AND with modifiers I want. And if they drop, I would most likely try to sell them anyway comming how rare they are.

regarding other mechanics there isn't much to say since I can't. There are so many of them that they are infighting on each map "if and which one will spawn" that I was practicaly unable to make any progress with them at all. I want to advance the "veiled" mechanics but I don't get opportunities to do so at all. meanwhile, Cavas is getting on my nerves, trying to sound like Decard Cain.

what infuriates me on the game the most is probably the end-game content locked behind RNG wall with the maps. I'v read. I'v studied and yet I can't advance past T5 maps. When by som miracle I get T5 map, I get either no map or lousy T1/T2 map. Desptie turning it magic/rare with item and using chisels. Either I'm doing something wrong, got simply bad luck or my brain is now failing me now at 30yr/ol. I believe that endgame should not be locked out like this. superbosses? I'm fine with that. You can make the maps for superbosses hard to drop AF. That's IMO how it should be. Make the chances better in higher tier locations (which are also harder), but please, for God's love, don't lock out people out of end-game locations with some stupid mechanics like RNG. RNG is the reason why like 95% players quit Maplestory2 and now is a dead game despite being 1/2 year old. When I managed to get finaly some T5 maps only to get no map to drop at all in that location forcing me to start all over I can only compare it to "weapon breaking upon enchanting try in korean MMOs". There are myriads of ways to make progress hard and not implement RNG. For exampla after clearing map 10 times allow it to be purchasd from shop or smth, or make some progress bar which guarantess a map after you fill it up or...I don't know, you are the devs, not me. I'm just giving a feedback.

With the shop I'm satisfied - for now - since I barely got any items to sell and can't afford anything to buy :). But if I were to rely on some 3rd party sites - like in case of diablo2 it was diablo2.jsp (for forum gold) - I can say it's OK for PC. As for PS4 - not so much. internet browser in PS4 sucks hard. Typing without keyboard is nearly impossible and you have my word that even if you would implement chat into PS4 version barely any1 would use it since typing takes way too long (i'm writing this from my work PC). as for market some better filter would be advisable. "highligted items" does no count as filter in my book, still it forces me to go by dozens of pages and I don't even know If I will find the item (like unique with specific name) that I am looking for (looking at you, crimson dream!). What I mean to say, that on PS4 there is no way to actively contact the seller/buyer. Bargaining/haggling is impossible. buyout is impossible. filter sucks hard, but at least we CAN trade and have at least some form of trade - unlike diablo2 where 3rd party site was madnatory if you wanted to trade.

As for difficulty I find it OK-ayish. Don't know hard the endgame is, but even in diablo2 endgame some bosses/mobs could spawn in a way that they would totally kill you and you don't even how (looking at you bugged souls). sometimes I don't even know how I died in PoE despite having full like. But this is part of a game. Also one of reasons I don't play HC. Not saying that I am satisfied that my close-range type warrior gets over 1/2 of HP taken out in single blow/spell but it simple seems I don't have enough life :) (dunno if 4500 is enough)

these are my 2 cents. in clonclusion, PS4 version can(or needs?) some tweaking (maybe at least keyboard support for typing) and I hope that some other league comes soon, because this one is plain useless in my opinion and hinders from progressing former mechanics that are in my eyes much better and more rewarding than synthesis.

Humble me out.

May 08, 2019 14:41:49 PM

Just wanted to let the team know that your'e all doing a wonderful job. My brothers, my dad and I all play POE together and although we're still pretty new to it all, we are having a great time. It's very fun and we really love having actual mechanics to the fights and team compositions instead of every character being a dps clone with life per hit and every boss being a face-tank special. Looking at you @#$%%!. Props on taking good care of your people as well. Your health and lives are very important, and even though POE is a great accomplishment it means nothing if you don't take care of yourselves and your families so don't let the losers that put POE above their own responsibilities and health bring you guys down to their level with pedantic, possessive criticism.

Keep taking care of each other and keep pumping out the magic \_/ ^_^ \_/

May 09, 2019 04:28:08 AM

Just to share, although its a 100thousand times said already I guess.
I am playing since a year now, this league is the most frustrating game experience I ever had.

This memory run is just, dont know how to really discribe it, just totally frustrating and not fun at all(at least for me)

I spend more time scrolling through trade sides and begging players for a trade than playing the game itself trying to buy stupid maps, because on dead leagues noone is selling or responding to trade requests and map drop is just nonsensical ridiculous few. Where is the way to get map progression when the players arent selling???????

May 16, 2019 14:22:47 PM

This game is designed by game developers to make you ask for help from other gamers.

If you don't ask for help or your don't negotiate a trade, you will end up a part of a problem you never knew existed: that GGG I suspect, had no intention of creating.

A game developer that leaves the choices to you- with one problem.
This game is horrific in making you do so much for the things that make it enjoyable, but by the time you get there on your own it has no impact. The current league is just awful and the others are not much better.

The maps are the key; they just have to evolve without all the glitter smashing into the retinas and meaningless minecraft layout designs. I'm in a cave; I'm in areas like before only blue.

The wording to describe these events don't match what you're doing.

It's great all other times I'm not doing any of that.

May 27, 2019 10:15:33 AM

This game is designed by game developers to make you ask for help from other gamers.

Only on trade. You can literally solo everything else. There's no point to the trade design. It's stupid. Especially if you are early league, don't buy currency from 3rd party sites, and are farming items in bulk to sell for progression.

Sorry, your excuse of "it was designed bad thus must remain bad" is flawed.

May 29, 2019 18:25:22 PM

I started playing PoE for the first time a bit at the beginning of Synthesis and, like many others, found it a bit frustrating and not particularly well-considered, so I didn't give much time to it. But, when the flashback event started, I decided to play a bit more just to see how far I could get with a new character.

I'd just entered Act 8 for the first time and was wanting some more elemental resistance, since I'd been working on getting all the links to run skills instead of working on stats. I went to my hideout to see what was available at the crafting bench and dropped my gloves into it. But it wouldn't let me put them back on, because, without the stats on the gloves, I couldn't wear them. And, without the gloves, some of the rest of my gear turned red. Given that the end of the league and flashback is only a few days away, I've given up on that character, since I won't have time to make any further progress with the character and grind for new gear with resistance, sockets, and stats - after a warning from the build guide that I should save my currency for endgame crafting sandbagging Act 7 for drops looks like the only route.

Looking at Legion, it looks like it has a similar mechanic to Synthesis, Abyss, and Breach in that there is a limited time to complete the map before it collapses or withdraws, which doesn't encourage me to join it, either. The lack of a coherent crafting system doesn't encourage me to grind up another character only to find I can't progress after level 50 without sandbagging extensively looking for just the right drop. RNG-play can be fun, but, without any other clear path to developing a character, I expect it will be a while before I consider installing PoE again.

May 30, 2019 19:35:39 PM

Gladiator did not receive any rework or buff.. Such a let down. True that two new nodes have been added but was hoping for some buff since this class has been in a very bad shape. RNG defence ship has sunk. RIP, we will remember you when playing another league of Winter Orb.

Jun 01, 2019 08:25:59 AM

I honestly am having such a fucking bad time playing right now, this might be my last league ever and I've been here since 2013.

With the absolutely destroyed and bugged as fuck movement mechanics to every single skill casting/attacking twice if you have too much speed. Completely ruined channeling skills. They buffed the most hated and boring part of the game so now we are there for even fucking longer. On top of the game running at 5fps. [Removed by Support]

The fact GGG knew ED was over-fucking-powered and still didn't nerf it while completely gutting winter orb and the other useless chaos skills, not buffing melee enough to matter because life is [Removed by Support] The trickster nerf was [Removed by Support] not even close to enough. Resist were always annoying to cap on SSF b4 maps and now its even harder. Shit just 1 shots you and the game doesn't run well enough to do anything about it.

The game constantly drops trash tier items instead of currency you can craft your own useful items with making SSF even more impossible.

Sure lets just nerf everything that's good and fun about this game and bring it to par with all the skills nobody uses because they can't get past tier 3-6 mapping.

[Removed by Support]

I honestly hope everything that came with this league gets obliterated when its over and PoE goes back to what it was before. Because if this trash is here to stay, I'm not here anymore.

[Removed by Support]

Jun 09, 2019 02:43:49 AM

After some extensive research over the past two days, it is quite clear that the Twilight Strand needs 50% more monsters. Nothing fast or dangerous, just more of them.

Jun 09, 2019 07:58:44 AM

What would be somewhat beneficial in legion encounters is either to reduce the hp needed to unfreeze the mobs (mobs hp after the unfreezing can stay the same ofc) or increase the timer value. Ain't everybody playing ED to blow up the whole screen in an instant, and ain't everybody playing trade leagues to have guaranteed 5-6 links on the third day of it.

Even putting DPS aside, in some "wonderful" twisted areas like say flooded mine and similar ones with a lot of twists/obstacles i can't even just run around all the legion mobs scattered all over these tunnels in these 10ish seconds the timer gives me.

Jun 12, 2019 20:25:27 PM
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