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Been playing this game since Closed Beta, I came in pretty much straight from the disappointment of Diablo 3 and the severe multiplayer problems of Torchlight 2 and was looking for something that brought back my Diablo 2 enthusiasm for ARPGs. GGG did that. Like I said, playing since CB, still here, by now I probably have invested more money into this game than I normally would need to buy a game, but I regret nothing.

I love the visual style of this game, I love the fact that stuff get´s f**king hard later on, especially in the challenge leagues. I don´t mind having to go back to town with loot at pretty much every waypoint, especially later in the game. I love loot-explosions. I´m a sucker for them, you could say.

This game provides the most creative freedom regarding character builds I have seen in any game so far. A two handed maul wielding crit ground slam ranger? Sure, go ahead! Give it a whirl! A greatsword cleave witch? Yeah, why not! Double wand wielding arc-marauder? May be tricky, but go for it! I love that. I love challenging myself to find the most ridiculous skill-class combinations I can find and trying to make them work.

Also, this game is one of the first where I have not experienced a community that I would have rather not experienced, if you get me. People here are friendly in chat, honest in trades, helpful when asked for help. (To a vast majority at least, you always have a few rotten apples.)

So, yeah, I´m about to dive headlong into the Perandus HC league with my latest "standard" build of an Arc Templar and am hell-a excited for the Ascencion classes later on.

Thanks for the enthusiasm, GGG. Both for bringing mine back and for investing yours into this awesome game to the degree that you do. You can feel that there´s passion behind this project and not just the quick cash-grab you sometimes get with other games and devs.

I shall see you all down the road to Sarn. or Highgate. Or maybe we´ll dance on Malachai´s corpse together. No matter where we´ll meet, I´ll be glad that we did.

Until then, fellow exiles!


Mar 05, 2016 12:22:40 PM

Putting your biggest and most exciting new feature, the ascendancy classes, behind a horribly long and overtuned(one room is basically a whole map) dungeon you need to run through over and over again was a horrible idea. Having to level up my first character to merciless and trading for items just to be able to complete the normal labyrinth saps all of my enthusiasm and any form of hype I might have had previously.

Simply put I am disappointed. It is even worse because I thought you learned your lessons about releasing overtuned content when act 4 happened.

Oh well, playing normally for now without a chance to experience the new classes and waiting for nerfs.

Mar 05, 2016 13:37:23 PM

First of all: I love POE! Thx a lot to you guys for such a great game.

But about my first impressions of Ascendancy:

I got the feeling the labyrinth underlines the games weaknesses more than it's strengths. The trials are just needless... reminds me of Diablo 3 Trials. Something just taking a lot of time while having no fun at all, because getting entrance to something is just not feeling rewarding at all.

The labyrinth itself reminds me of my first days at poe last summer. You don't really know what to do, but just keep going it on and somehow manage to finish it without having a clue how you have done it.

I always continued, but a lot of buddys i wanted to start poe as well have just been frustrated at some point and came never back. People really, really miss the feeling of being guided in some way, - may it be because of the story or just some technical, or logical help.

The labyrinth is pretty much the same all over again. You are not guided at all, which is of course to a certain degree the nature of a labyrinth, but it's a thin line between feeling challenged and just being frustrated.

Long term the grinding for enchantments may probably be a motivation for me, but i am not too sure about it.

Mar 05, 2016 14:47:38 PM

i watched a friend trying the lab after almost 3 hours and 2 deaths he ragequit.

and for me the new league is over at lvl 16, because i dont waste my time with that boring lab.

thank god that i dont buy a supporter pack

Mar 05, 2016 21:51:44 PM

I fucking quit! After countless tries of the normal trial I just can't take it anymore. Every single run either I get disconnected/ thrown out or the game crashes. I over levelled 20lvl+ just to be safe, well atleast I haven't gotten killed in there once... Fix your shit!!

Mar 06, 2016 02:11:28 AM

Barely playable. The new chests, or rather their mobs, tank fps about as badly as using ice crash in Dominus on weaker machines. I tried the labyrinth once before I got a disconnect. It's easily the longest, prettiest, and most-detailed area in the game, so I don't know why it'd be the one area in the game that you have to do in one go.
Can't there be at least some kind of grace for the labyrinth dcs?

Mar 06, 2016 08:34:36 AM

Patch sucks because of Labyrinth and annoying way Crit Multi was done (I would love to Divine my Abyssus 20 times to get the same rolls back but I'll pass).

Labyrinth is frustrating, boring, and doesn't fit the game. Restarting on death takes it from being a nuisance to being truly terrible and ragequit worthy.

Going back to Heroes of the Storm 'til this shit is fixed. That's my first, second and third impression. You guys dropped the ball so hard the ball is stuck in the earth. Gonna go play games that are fun and not a tedious shitfest. Peace.

Mar 06, 2016 09:53:44 AM


Mar 06, 2016 10:06:00 AM

Play style: I play maybe an hour at a time. Take my time. I like feeling powerful and killing things. Prefer periodic spikes of difficulty (e.g. rare pack encounters) than a constant slog.

I'm loving the expansion so far - the size of packs, Perandus chests, the new Marauder AOE skills, the first trial - but I've only reached Act 2 Normal so long way to go.

The grind of Act 4 put me off playing before. I'd been so hyped for that Act before it arrived. Each part of Act 4 was beautifully executed but there was too much repetition - and too many high-damage spikes - for my taste. I'm not looking forward to reaching it with my current character in case it kills my enthusiasm again. Will find out soon enough.

Mar 06, 2016 13:42:08 PM

Labyrinth is frustrating, boring, and doesn't fit the game. Restarting on death takes it from being a nuisance to being truly terrible and ragequit worthy.

I am exactly the same, I stop this game after 35 hours because of this (I don't enjoy the retry at all because there is simply nothing exciting or fun to experience there).

Edit: I'll just skip it for now actually... The game still is fun without it (too bad it is mandatory to get the sub class but let's hope for some balancing)

Edit again : Finally managed to get through it in all difficulties, I don't find it fun but still doable which is nice and maybe it suits some players so I don't have anything to say about it anymore

Mar 06, 2016 18:10:41 PM
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