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Any word any QoL for this gem? Maybe making the arrows' hit boxes much larger? Or making the spread not be across the screen?
As for right now, it's not good for Single target because of the spread, and it's not good for AoE because well, each shot does quite pitiful damage, and it has no inherent piercing or AoE explosion or what have you.
I really enjoyed Rapid Fire from D3, so making this equally usable would be nice.

Apr 27, 2015 16:34:16 PM

I'd agree, this gem could really use some work. It's basically only useful as a wand CoC trigger. I almost think it'd be better as a support gem, causing each projectile skill to fire a volley of projectiles instead of a fan off them like GMP/LMP. It would have to be changed to not screw your DPS and the scatter would have to go, but it'd basically be a single target dps gem for projectile skills, something I suspect is going to be badly needed after the shotgun nerf.

May 07, 2015 18:19:28 PM

For those interested, I asked Mark about the time mechanics of barrage.


Hey Mark,

From what I've read, the total duration of barrage is 40% of your attack time + 15% of attack time per projectile. Is this correct? LMP/GMP actually reduce your DPS substantially?

mark wrote:
No. That was the case in early versions of Barrage in testing, but currently the initial startup time is 40% of the attack time, and all the projectiles fit into the other 60% - so less time is taken for each one when there's more of them.

It's worth noting even if it did still work the old way, adding more projectiles would still be increasing DPS overall, as it would have added another entire hit, but only 15% of the base attack time - getting more hits for a single 40% attack time windup is more DPS.

With current values of LMP/GMP then, only LMP provides a (minor) damage boost. GMP damage reduction makes the skill break even.

With beta values of LMP/GMP this skill will become quite viable I believe.

May 12, 2015 06:38:50 AM

With Barrage + GMP + Fireball + Arctic Breath + CoC

which classe is better ? (shadow, ranger Acrobatics, scion)
and which weapon is better ?(wand, bow)

Barrage can be used on unique and multi target or need an other skill ?

With Awakening it will change no ?

May 13, 2015 11:22:51 AM

On my bow character, I've been using a 5L Barrage setup with (1) Faster Attacks, (2) Point Blank, (3) Physical Proj Damage, and currently (4) Added fire damage. I've experimented with quite a bit in the (4)-slot but for now I like the extra elemental.

I have a tooltip damage of around 10k, whereas with Frenzy (which everyone is using) the tooltip hits around 4x as much dps.

Still, I've noticed bosses die faster when using Barrage. Does this have to do with the combination Point Blank and my Lioneye bow that always hits?

Oct 29, 2015 13:20:44 PM

It has to do with the DPS display being useless for determining killspeed. It doesn't account for multiple projectiles per activation, for example.
Point Blank and Lioneye's affect both Skills in exactly the same manner.

Oct 29, 2015 13:56:43 PM

sorry, posted in the wrong thread. (-.-')

post can be deleted

Oct 30, 2015 20:19:48 PM

I believe this could be a support gem. For example: Supported projectile active abilities are used in a barrage. Could work with both bow skills and spells. For balancing 70% less projectile damage. Just a thought :P

Nov 09, 2015 04:05:06 AM

Barrage is my primary CoC trigger wich it's good for.

Some one suggest barrage be a ?channeled? skill where it keeps firing as long as you hold the trigger. this to me sounds really cool and i think barrage could be modified to do this without hurting CoC setup's.

The best way to do this...

You would still be able to use barrage like it is now by using SHORT CONTROLLED BURSTS of 4-8 shots which would be accurate, after that it would become less accurate but you could just keep spraying for as long as you held down the trigger or until you ran out of mana.

This would be POE's machine gun.

mmm just got a great idea for a new spell..

Nov 21, 2015 16:04:38 PM

"Barrage damage has been increased from 40% to 50% of base damage at level one. At level 20, it now has been increased from dealing 47.6% to 61.4% of base damage." - patch notes

"Surgeon's Flasks now have a chance to gain a charge on critical strike, rather than being unconditional. Old flasks are unmodified." - patch notes

I'd like to know what the chance is going to be or if it's going to be like evasion/armor and have a range you can divine to 100% before I call Barrage DOA.

It was better with ele damage like Reave used to be (with Ground Slam being better for phys, now Reave seems to rule both), but with the severe reduction of ele sources thanks to harder wand crafting and fewer auras it requires cold/lightning gems to be mediocre. At least that was the only slap in the face, but apparently you guys haven't been bossing around with Barrage. Corrupted Blood is the reason crit bleed flasks are necessary with it (full stack in 1-2sec), and with less damage than before reloading the flasks was required to kill those bosses since 5sec wasn't nearly enough. With physical why bother without the proper flasks and severely nerfed leech when Puncture (not even an option for wanders) is much safer and more damage (thanks ridic dot nodes), which means use that 24/7 and leave Barrage on the ground.

Are you requiring people to have full flasks every time they come across CB bosses, using portals that might not exist just to kill 1 thing having the flask was accounting for, think 75+% crit is easy to come by early in the league, or that this puny buff is suddenly going to make killing bosses easy? 1 miniboss making a gem suicidal means the gem is suicidal, which means it's DOA, or am I missing something?

Dec 10, 2015 02:02:06 AM
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