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Passive skill tree build

I dont know if im missing anything vital or not, been gone for awhile

Oct 24, 2013 04:26:07 AM

Bump. Still concerned about the lack of damage nodes, and was wondering if I really "needed" eldritch battery

Oct 25, 2013 13:32:04 PM

I changed nothing at your build, just saved some 7 points and give you some atk speed.

Do you really need that much mana reg ?

Oct 25, 2013 13:50:25 PM

really dont know about the mana regen. Dont know how mana hungry the build is yet, if i get eldritch battery I doubt i will need that much. And if I plan on a 2h build do I need to damage buffs?

Oct 25, 2013 22:53:26 PM

Passive skill tree build

so after some thinking I was wondering how people thought this build would do

Oct 26, 2013 15:33:13 PM
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