Forum Index Scion Spectral Throw Build(s) "Mana Flows" 1H Phys &/or Crit - Mind Over Matter, IR, Mana Flows & Leech


I haven't been playing as much recently but I'd still like to see some feed back on my builds :)

Nov 03, 2013 00:31:06 AM

sorry kinda new here but this looks fun! are you using 2 daggers? or a dagger and a shield?

Nov 03, 2013 03:30:16 AM

I am using this build for my Scion, currently in merciless A1, where I came to realize the DPS was kind of low.

I start to worry about the DPS in the late/end game here...

Nov 24, 2013 05:01:18 AM
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