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put ag in a voideye and think this ring fits him well since he gets a good amount of health

i had him in my +2 helm with raise zombie/minion life/and multistrike but now that i put him in a voideye i added an empower to the helm so my zombies and ag are very tanky. Ag doesnt really need multistrike anyway since his damage is minimal but the tradeoff is losing my own survivability

he is doing fine most maps(watched him tank a vaal smash and i accidently did too). However i had to logout of crematorium twice with very close calls on my ag(i wont be attempting again) and have not tried dominus, courtyard trio, or torture chamber in maps. i also failed to clear jungle valley(attempted 3 times)

Nov 15, 2014 14:46:11 PM

Ah, just make the damn thing permanent/not lose items.
There are a million ways to cheese the game. AG is probably not an ingredient for it. If it's being used to cheese in high level play then it's probably not dying for those players anyway.

If it dies, give the skill a cooldown of 5 or 10 minutes or something to punish deaths.

This makes higher level characters that rely on the guardian take care for it if they don't wanna sit out for 5-10/whatever minutes without their buddy while people who are still leveling up have an incentive to build up a butt buddy from good spare parts.
As it stands low level AG users have an effective permanent downtime anyway since the thing dies all the time with the cheapo white trash items that drop

As it stands, I consider Skeletons a lot more useful than this thing unless I'm missing some really crazy build that makes AG the best thing ever.

Nov 16, 2014 23:05:38 PM

Is it intended that the guardian stops attacking to do a blessing/cross gesture every now and then?

Like this:

I mean it's a neat flavor like thing but that's one thing he can't do damage and leech life with...

Nov 26, 2014 10:58:26 AM

it is based off of the templar model ,which is hilarious since templars are only the third best minion master in the game

Nov 26, 2014 13:14:48 PM

Well, yeah, of course it's based on the templar, but it's just another weakness in the minion, even though I still like the flavor of it.
If only it would replace the attack animation when it happens, praying the monster to death, etc. Smitten, etc.

But yeah, that damn thing has so many kinks that I feel more like the guardian of the guardian than the other way around.

Who watches the watcher? Who guards the guardian? The player.

Skill should be named "adopt rambunctious teenager" or something.

You take in a wayward, troubled teen that you need to integrate into the society and life of Wraeclast.
A being that plays with your mind because you must feed it items, making you want to protect it, see it grow, but has to be watched all the time.

It also picks fights with everything at inopportune times and hides behind corners when it should be out there doing some actual chores, etc.

That, to me, is how this skill feels.

Nov 27, 2014 02:10:49 AM

If this gem didnt have the "loose all itens on death penalty" it would be used by pretty much all summoners. But since it does it only serve as a weird yellow and crap unique dumpster cause you cant really invest on it, since only god knows when rogue exile will pop up out off desync and rip your guardian. What is quite normal cause its AI really likes to go forward before any other minion gets near the mobs.

Dec 03, 2014 20:18:37 PM

redacted in order to celebrate 1.3

Dec 04, 2014 01:59:44 AM

i usually just quad curse ee dominus and watch my zombies freeze him ... which is kind of funny

Dec 05, 2014 20:06:28 PM

I think the biggest Quality of Life change that this gem needs is some way to see what gear you have quipped on the guardian. It is not difficult to forget what gear you have placed on it and then later become ambivalent about whether a new piece of gear is an upgrade for the guardian or a downgrade.

I guess you could write down what gear you have put on it on a spreadsheet for reference, but who wants to go out of their way to do that? It would make it much easier if we could see what gear it has equipped through some kind of interface.

Dec 06, 2014 08:17:40 AM

unless you only ever put one kind of item on your guardian, which for builds is very likely

most summoners throw zahndethus cassok, leer cast dyring breath and , tri res gloves and 30% ms boots.

most pvpers but bramble jack on the guardian and the low level ones that have empower make the rather hilarious bleed on hit guardians.... with bramble jack

Dec 07, 2014 21:05:52 PM
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