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If this casts the spells for free, why does the mana cost multiplier matter?

Oct 26, 2013 06:22:32 AM

Augh. My mouse is broken, too many double clicks.

Oct 26, 2013 06:22:32 AM

I can imagine it being useful to have more than one of these equipped.

If I can get a second one of these gems (I only have 1 so far), I would set it up like this:

2L = CWDT (level 1) + Enduring Cry
4L = CWDT (max level) + Molten Shell + two of [iron will, increased duration, fire penetration, increased aoe, chance to ignite, etc.] for some nice aoe fire damage.

I ordinarily don't plan on 2L for gems, I nearly always use 4L, but now that it is likely that I can only use one aura in my builds then I may use 2L x2 on a head, glove, or boot -- one pair for the aura + reduced mana and the other for CWDT (level 1) + enduring cry.

Oct 26, 2013 07:20:00 AM

This is a very powerful support gem,

i m using a level 80 marauder CI build and it is helping me face tank a lot.

the question is should it be nerfed?

in my opinion, nerfing the proc chance to less than 100% will make it unreliable that people will shy away to the point choose not to use it.

nerfing it by introducing mana costs are interesting but if you get hit rapidly you will be out of mana in no time, on blood magic users they will simply die.

the best i can think of is mana reserve (such as aura)

then again reserve too much and it will spoil a person's build.

the only way i can think of to nerf this in a way that would keep "most" people satisfied is by nerfing the biggest offender.

immortal call.

i use enduring cry + immortal call. for me even if i get 1 endurance charge 1-2 seconds of immortal call is good enough for me coz i ll just reproc it in a while. i dont use 2 different gems to generate enduring and proc immortal call separately. i just proc both at once.

either way, i like the gem as it is and would prefer if it is not nerfed. prior to using immortal call i m happy enough with generating endurance charges.

it is very hard to balance this gem and i'd say any tweaking towards it will very likely cause people to not use it at all.

thus i would suggest:

1. tweak immortal call
2. tweak cast when damage taken so it only affects damage from enemies but not the players themselves to preven bloodrage/righteous fire abuse

nerfing cast when damage taken will seriously make players simply toss the gem aside.

Oct 26, 2013 07:21:11 AM

I kind of agree with the guy who said this gem will likely get nerfed in a future update.

It's basically a no-downside, non-restricted way to get some crazy defensive capabilities going. There's really no longer any reason at all to have wasted skill gem slots as long as this skill exists as it does. Heck there's really no reason at all to have any other skills except a primary, secondary, and utility. Everything else can be taken care of by cast when damage taken.

Currently, I have it set up with:
4l - Cast when damaged, enduring cry, immortal call, rejuvenation totem
3l - cast when damaged, enfeeble, arctic armour

I have around 30 mana with two auras set up and the fact that my character can't really use mana is not a factor with this gem since the skills are cast without cost.

Some changes I expect are being considered:
- Have the skills use mana, possibly with a cost multiplier
- don't allow two of the same gems to trigger at the same time

Oct 26, 2013 08:50:10 AM

Further suggestion:

'The level of the casted skill is the minimum between the levels of CWDT and the skill gem'.

In the meanwhile, I'll keep enjoying my insane new build.

Oct 26, 2013 09:32:46 AM

Seems to be super rare at least on new leagues....

Everybody wonts to buy it - nothing for sale. Reached A1 merci ... nothing. Its locked in a quest at the very end of the content. Bit disapointing that you cant get it a bit earlier.

Oct 26, 2013 12:17:06 PM

why is anybody crying for nerfing it ? ;)
GGG must have actually tested their own stuff so they know what it does, its not like they used a randomgemgenerator and now they are told what it does ;)

the skills i now have on Automode were manualmode before so if im not to lazy i could use em too all the time.. ;)

Oct 26, 2013 13:20:23 PM

Question: Does this triggers from reflect? A.k.a Feedback loop with enough damage vs reflect.

Oct 26, 2013 16:11:05 PM

I'm not so much crying for it to be nerfed - in fact I absolutely love how powerful the gem is and how it creates so many more options for character building.

I do recognize however that there's essentially no downside to using it and no build constraints involved. Every single character can use the most effective combination regardless of the limitations that build would normally have to work around (in my case, casting big expensive spells when I have only 30 mana available). This seems like something GGG would want to balance.

Oct 26, 2013 17:08:36 PM
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