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I wonder about the interaction between Romira's, CoC and Discharge. Will the discharge consume the power charges, or will Romira's? Not that it's really worth theorycrafting with Discharge's trigger-damage nerf, but it's interesting to know.

Vipermagi wrote:
Excellent. Now the Attack needs to carry some weight too. It's a Support, not a Main Schtick.
The attack needs to carry *all* the weight. And since CoC doesn't boost the attack damage, might as well put a useful support in there instead.

Aug 31, 2016 14:39:42 PM


Sep 01, 2016 07:04:59 AM

Quantume wrote:
Here's a fix suggestion:

Currently CoC at lvl 1 (38) has 50% proc up to 70% at lvl 20.

1) Roll the lvl req back to 31, this gem should be used to start act 4, not end it.

2) This is the most important change:
A buffed proc chance at lvl 1 with spell dmg penalty (less/reduced),
and respectfully have a lower proc chance towards lvl 20 with buffed (increased/more) spell dmg.

If a build wants to maintain effectiveness later on, they must invest in crit nodes/gear.
Sure, not leveling the gem will make a high lvl crit build proc spells all the time, but with such low spell dmg that it's not effective at all.

So you have to level the gem up if you want some dmg for linked spells,
and also invest in crit nodes/gear.

This will also allow players to start using CoC faster, get used to it, enjoy it earlier in the game instead of waiting till 60-70.

I don't have any spreadsheets and can't drop any numbers here that would make any sense balance wise,
but the tl;dr point is this:

High proc chance at start, maybe even 100% but with heavily reduced spell dmg,
and as you lvl the gem up the proc chance drops a lot,
maybe to 30 or 40% but with a heavily buffed spell dmg effect.

Look at that, predicted coc being 100% proc back in May...
Also dmg for linked spells got buffed.

Sep 01, 2016 11:29:53 AM

Please 0.250ms or 0.200ms instead of 0.500ms, please!

Sep 17, 2016 21:09:00 PM

COC timer to spell interaction....
It is obvious to see one linked spell cast slightly before any other in the chain based on timer start/animation-clock in the tool tip.


If say one was to put TWO SEPARATE but IDENTICAL spells (say dual firestorm) in the links it appears that both cast at the same time based on timer/recharge/animation-clock. However screen it appears that only one was cast.

Is the timer linked to the Spell name "tag" or the slot in which the spell is located.
Original GGG notes and ZiggyD examples stated that it was based on the order/slot in which the spell(s) was slotted.

But this does not appear to be the case when placing identical spell in the links.

Really comes down to a question:
Can you link multiple spells that are the same?
AKA really want to cast the same spell ( due to modifiers being focused on increasing a single element damage)

Sep 18, 2016 22:53:22 PM

Cooldowns are shared per Skill - if one Firestorm goes on cooldown, all your Firestorms go on cooldown. Linking multiple of the same Spell does you no (significant) good.

Sep 19, 2016 01:07:01 AM

thanks for confirming what I expected.... man would have been nice to be able to cast multiples of a spell to double dip on modifiers.

Sep 19, 2016 02:06:37 AM

Was that nerf just a payed part of Cospri's Malice creation?

Oct 22, 2016 16:41:57 PM

I really like the new coc, it's more balanced.

Old coc made no sense at all: you could hit like 20 mobs in sequence with a slow projectile and it would basically cast like 10 times, and could be total shit against single target. In prophecy league I had made a ground slam ecoms coc discharge juggernaut with the pre-nerf Unrelenting (always gain full endurance charges on stun) and that shit was absurdly random, sometimes I would do like 10 discharges instantly, even against monster that I can't stun because ground slam range is higher than discharge range I could just stand outside range of mobs I want to keep alive and trigger off them (multiple times) while discharge only hits a boss.

Similarily with my other coc character in prophecy league as well, intended to be quill rain frenzy coc discharge, which ended up total shit because frenzy only hits 1 mob and the frenzy charge damage is just low. I switched him to orb of storms + shrapnel shot (some minor synergy) coc ice nova/vortex and similar to my ground slam, sometimes the piercing arrow+aoe portion of shrapnel shot just hit like 5+ mobs and you get some insane casts impossible against single target... very imbalanced in many meanings, powerful just for the occasional insane cast count and very underwhelming in other cases.

I don't mind main attack still doing 0 damage, I think that is fine.

I leveled with a char using coc elemental hit -> firestorm and it was fine, just annoying as hell when you get no crits in like 5 attacks, this was an example where my main attack did do some damage (but let's be real its elemental hit still took like 4 shots to kill a white mob even without split projectile less damages (no lmp/gmp))

Now im using my old quill rain frenzy coc discharge idea, but with romira's now so each discharge does over double damage with powerful power charges and it's very consistent.

I still think the cooldown mechanic is a bit funky though, since it gives you that "incinerate" problem where you have incentive to minimize non cast time but the way probability works is it's non linear scale, like log scale so you can double your attack speed but it will only halve the average wasted time of 'wasted attacks' and stuff...

maybe if an attack crits in the 'cooldown time' give 1% more spell damage for your next cast? lol

Oct 24, 2016 05:38:18 AM

COC cooldown way to high, kills the fun completely, and at the same time introduce cospris malice, which makes the broken skill synergy between discharge/protector available again, but the more normal CoC builds which did not use discharge are still crap.

Increase the cooldown of cospris and reduce from CoC to an usable level where it does not feel extremely cluncky and unrewarding.

The direction was the right one, the numbers really need to get tweaked and cospris malice has to change in someway to not make discharge broken again.

Nov 14, 2016 16:48:01 PM
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