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鬼殺し wrote:
I suspect Goblin Slayer has a different aim.

I know that it was confirmed that Goblin Slayer himself isn't the protagonist of the world's main story line if you can call it that. He is not the great hero that will save everyone, he's just that one guy killing goblins and who-/whatever it was that led those goblins there.

Oct 26, 2018 15:16:46 PM

Revue Starlight will be on youtube in its entirety for free for a few weeks.

...Unsubbed, most likely. OH WELL.

Oct 27, 2018 23:44:50 PM

Oh, I watched it btw, right after HisoMaso. Don't read the spoiler if you don't want it to be, uh, spoiled, right before your rewatch. I'm being cereal.

HisoMaso's ending felt like a bit of an ass-pull (to force a "nobody-died-100%-happy-ending-no-seriously"), but I had had so much fun with it I didn't even care by that point.

Starlight was... kind of the opposite for me. That's not to say it wasn't good. They more or less wrapped it up nicely, with a satisfying conclusion, but on the whole, I just couldn't get as excited about it as you were.

Around the midway mark (Banana's story) I thought "Ah, NOW we're in business" but it didn't turn out the way I guessed -- it remained pretty much a short side story, which is a shame. There was so much potential down that road...

Maybe certain anime titles that I like have conditioned me to expect a dramatic turn of events around that point, so I was a bit disappointed. Or maybe they didn't use the show's greatest "tools" (song & dance) to their fullest.

Still, it was a nice watch and a heartwarming story; I'd rate it "quite good".

Thanks for both recommendations.

That movie topic a few pages back got me pumped for a movie spree, but I didn't get very far (technically, "1" can't even BE a spree). I should make some time for that. Many classics to rewatch, so many more to catch up on.

Oct 28, 2018 02:41:22 AM

Revue Re-view

Yeah, Banana's issue seemed like it might be the Steins;Gate moment, but the show never really had that in mind. It's a solid stab at Takarazuka stage girl culture -- right down to us, the audience, as Mr. Giraffe points out when the fucker turns our way and makes clear WE are the ones keeping those poor girls on stage and in such petty conflicts.

I'm personally glad that Banana didn't become the focus and that her side story (although I hesitate to call it that given its impact on everything else) wasn't difficult to resolve. I found that refreshing. The show bears rewatching, because there's so many wonderful hints in the first half that Banana is god-like in her stance.

What I loved is every single girl had her place. For a nine person ensemble in a 12 episode show, that's sort of insane.

Karen is the system breaker. She's always a bit off-key, always uninvited. Her idea that two girls can take position zero together is ridiculous. She switches between the masculine and the feminine roles, the lead and the follow, and that's also sort of crazy in light of rigid Takarazuka role assumption. Her diligent rewriting of Starlight Gatherer But since we as an audience liked that, wanted that, the Giraffe made it happen.

Hikari is the anomaly -- she gets a true second chance after her 'success' in London. She's haunted by the Giraffe though, just as she haunts Banana the moment she's introduced. So naturally the Giraffe tortures her the most, gives Karen walls to scale, towers to climb, promises to keep.

Mahiru is the hopeful country girl who's had her friend taken away by some long-past promise. Her audition was the least grandiose and deliberately comical, but we see through her eyes just how much Hikari's appearance has shaken things up. She's also sort of stubborn and jealous, which is why Karen beats her soundly.

Futaba is of course the prince/ouji to Kaoruko's ojousama/queen. The interesting thing here is the prince/ouji is typically the lead, but in this case Futaba is pretty much at Kaoruko's spoilt whim the whole way. They're both from Kyoto, the old capital, but Futaba doesn't seem to have anything else whereas Kaoruko is the heiress to some serious dance nobility.

Junna is the wallflower, naturally. She knows she's never going to win but competes anyway. Her audition with Hikari is the first we see and Karen gatecrashes it with absolutely no grace or skill. For a wallflower trying to bloom, that must really have sucked.

Tendou Maya and Claudine are the reigning queen and king. Both are utterly devoted to the system and scorn anyone who isn't. Maya soundly destroys Karen in episode 3 because at that point, we as the audience still believe the system needs to be beaten and that she represents the resistance of that system. Note that they never get a dramatic rematch -- by the time Karen is ready to really break the system, Maya and Claudine are implicitly defeated. All that remains is to decide which of those two will be on top beneath the new 'two winners'.

And Banana we've covered. She's the genius who is afraid to both shine too brightly for fear of burning out AND of moving on, for fear of finally running into someone better than her. Note that she's taller than all the others, even Tendou Maya. Also she duel-wields, a traditional symbol of 'badass' in Japan, all the way back to Miyamoto Musashi and his creation of the two-swords school Niten Ichi ryu.

I didn't have to look anything up for this, and I've only seen it 1.7 times. I think they're that memorable.

Oct 28, 2018 22:21:11 PM

Anybody watching jojo meets streat fighter also known as baki?

I got really into it a week ago or so and now it's always a blast to watch.

There was also this show "grandmaster of demonic cultivation" that i was following. The story is ok, nothing special, but the animation on some scenes is amazing.

Goblin keeps being solid and slime is a solidly paced show, so it keeps me wanting more.



Oct 28, 2018 23:02:59 PM

Baki slid under the radar. Probably a bit too old in source, and it's Netflix which means it had no real 'season' to my knowledge. I mean, netflix aren't as bad as Amazon when it comes to tone-deaf anime streaming but they're still way behind the likes of Crunchy and Hidive.

Oct 28, 2018 23:09:25 PM

Boem wrote:
Anybody watching jojo meets streat fighter also known as baki?

I got really into it a week ago or so and now it's always a blast to watch.

There was also this show "grandmaster of demonic cultivation" that i was following. The story is ok, nothing special, but the animation on some scenes is amazing.

Goblin keeps being solid and slime is a solidly paced show, so it keeps me wanting more.



Im watching baki, its 95% close to manga and its pretty ok, although if someone watched it as first thing from the series it might seem confusing.

Also Baki dou, latest manga is finished and there is baki dou 2018, which will base itself on sumo fighters.

Mo dau zu shi, aka cultivation, yeah, it is good, I randomly found it and stayed for the nice looks.

About slime and goblin, im worried there will be a big wait time for season 2, since their source materials themselves arent that big.

Oct 29, 2018 00:09:25 AM

I figured they'd both be 12 eppers. This seems like the season for good single cours shows.

hahaha, Ma Dao Zu Shi is tagged BL. Oh, that's interesting. I'll keep an eye out for streaming but I'm not going to go out of my way to get it.

Oct 29, 2018 00:27:59 AM

鬼殺し wrote:
I figured they'd both be 12 eppers.

Tensura is confirmed to be 24 eps though.

2nd episode of tsurune was pretty nice. Some of the more realistically reacting animals in that show, even though it doesn't even focus on them. Animation quality in general is just way over the top there. Sasuga Kyoani.

Oct 29, 2018 02:52:36 AM

Ah really. Okay, well that's good. Explains the pacing. More Tensura is good.

Oct 29, 2018 02:54:37 AM
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