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Kyouya wrote:
Phouriuh wrote:
So i've downloaded this and been playing quite a bit about 6 levels in its not very impressive. the storyline again is total crap. The setting so far has been in a "downtown city." Ill say its not my cup of tea, they completely turned the game on its back. Pop two in this game and call it done. its a POS.

In the beta "energy" is spent very quickly between skills, your not running around constantly like in the original. It's alot slower paced, not as many enemies as were in the first. Its cool to jump off huge building once and awhile but over all its not that good :/

Damn i was afraid of that, even in the original crysis there is not much enemies, and the previews show a fast paced gameplay. Oh well im not really a fps fan
but hope Crytek tweak that.

yeah i didnt even finish the game before i unistalled it its just not all that great :/ and yeah as far as fps games what can you expect. playing SC2 lately if anyone wants to play my username is my forum name :D

Feb 17, 2011 17:35:31 PM


Apr 03, 2012 20:56:27 PM
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