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Good work on the Wiki.

Feb 17, 2011 20:50:11 PM

This is a great wiki. It would be nice if more beta members were to contribute, especially considering the wealth of new information we now have.

(Also, I'm not sure this thread should be filed under "Off Topic".)

Sep 11, 2011 22:44:13 PM

I'd really recommend moving the wiki to it's own website so you're not relying on wikia or shoutwiki.

That way, you get full control over extensions you want to use, and, more importantly, you've got full control in running the site as a proper community project.

If the community's interested, we could all come up with a domain name to use ( makes sense). I've got experience in running a few wiki sites, so I'd be more than happy to start contributing in terms of helping to set up, working out best SEO practices, creating a custom skin, etc.

Sep 18, 2011 13:51:23 PM

Wow this wiki is really out of date though. It doesn't even have the templar class implemented. It'd be nice if someone who's in beta could update this. (I would, but you know how not having a beta key is)

Sep 19, 2011 02:04:15 AM
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