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work in progress:

I originally wrote this as a suggestion for run time errors. These can help improve pc performance, clean temp files, update drivers, get related programming packs, reset your NIC and other helpful tips. Try it if your laggy or crashing.

a. scan your pc for malware with

b. install legit antivirus software such as microsoft security essentials

c. update .net framework pack: win7

d. update c++ redistributable pack

e. update video card drivers:

I do recommend turning off anti-aliasing if fps is an issue.

f. update sound card drivers and video card drivers:

update: 13.3 or later radeon drivers help with fps/freeze spikes:

I highly recommend downloading the latest version of your chipset and audio drivers. Sometimes that means up to date 3rd party sites (majorgeeks), 1st party sites (like the manufacturer of your pc dell, hp, alienware etc) lastly the "chipset makers" sites like realtek or creative labs. For instance on one pc the latest stable realtek drivers are on realtek's site. However for the other pc it is on majorgeek's site

if you run into driver issues it can help to download the drivers, uninstall/delete current drivers then install the latest version/reboot.

g. clean up temp files on your pc
or my minipack:

h. after a reboot if you continue to lag/choppy play try resetting your NIC including tcpip and winsock tables.
or download here (still need to perform appropriate winsock reset in a seperate command prompt right click and launch under your admin account):

i. I highly recommend scanning for malware on your pc for a popular rootkit that jacks svchost.exe:
if your pc is fubar remvoe trojans/rootkits, be prepared for many "sfc /scannow" runs in safemode and booting to "last known configuration"
-if your pc does have malware scan again with malwarebytes with safemode w/networking, may want to use additional utilities such as norman cleaner:
combofix is great (high risk, for more IT savvy pros, majorgeeks often helps forum users)

j. repair system files, run a command prompt as an admin then perform the command:
sfc /scannow

-this will help repair corrupt/infected system files:

k. update your motherboard chipset drivers. I believe its included in a radeon pack for AMD but intel you can find their latest drivers on majorgeeks or intel's website.
can't figure out your hardware? use cpu-z

l. wouldn't hurt to defrag your pc

m. wouldn't hurt to update java

n. update windows for the latest security/important updates:

o. crashing shader files map files etc: clear the shader cache folder while exited out of the game:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Grinding Gear Games\Path of Exile\ShaderCache

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Apr 19, 2013 03:31:48 AM


a full install of radeon drivers can be tricky sometimes they do not really upgrade. for updating to 13.3x or whatever in the future

a. control panel > system > device manager > right click the amd/radeon display adapter > uninstall > check the box to delete the driver

b. control panel add/remove or programs/features > remove amd/radeon products

c. if windows auto installs the video driver, uninstall it again following step A

d. install the drivers like 13.3 beta > reboot

e. reboot > did they install? if not install them again

f. make sure the amd radeon display panel has version 13.3 or your correct version listed under software
radeon panel > information > software should list 13.3 or your version installing

NOTE: some users report this resolving their fps/freeze issues, for me it helps but i still have to run the client.exe in high priority mode and its still only 75% effective.

Apr 19, 2013 03:47:38 AM

turned of anti-aliasing as well. i keep vsync on to prevent screen flickering

Apr 19, 2013 05:06:49 AM

updated post to include urls. if your pc has malware issues please create a seperate thread and private message me to look at it with you.

will take a kaom's heart donation anytime, won't have to hold me down =)

Apr 19, 2013 15:59:16 PM

if issues persist verify the integrity of your files:

2. network latency test
not sure if the ip has changed try a tracert command


non-responses are normal for network equipment that denies those types of requests for ddos protection or other security purposes.

3. installer issues

a. uninstall app
b. download and run ccleaner
-delete temp files
-use the registry key fix up and delete old keys

c. install latest installer service

d. repair installer service

other ideas:

Apr 19, 2013 16:53:54 PM

handy command line switches:

Apr 19, 2013 17:52:53 PM

If you use peerblock or other firewalls make sure you add the game to the exceptionlist. Peerblock blocks by ip and blocks 10's of GGG servers as "fbi dont ask why" which is because IPS are bought/sold/moved by isps all the time. Whitelist/allow the game and the ips if your firewall is by ip.

The ports and ips are often random so until they lock them down you might have issues opening tcp/udp ports. If anyone can help hammer this out please do!

peerblock can help you see what ports and ips are blocked which is nice.

Apr 19, 2013 22:37:56 PM

to reduce lag during summons testing:
latest realtek nic driverS:

latest beta AMD drivers:

update: these two steps with a reboot did not help alleviate issues much that I could tell in group play.

However I notice with a quadcore machine the game on average uses 25-35% cpu. I launched task manager (ctrl-alt-del) and found the client.exe process, right clicked it and set it to high priority. It now peeks up to 45% cpu usage.

the 2-5 second constant lags in heavy areas are now 1/2 or less second blips. Its much less choppy.

The proposal I have would be to maximize multithreading in the code the take better use of modern cpus, along with allowing more cpu power to be handled by the cpu instead of forcing it at such a low level that leads to latency (maybe not forcing but coding needs tuning).

Apr 21, 2013 04:23:06 AM

dude what can you suggest about the texture filtering, ive optimized all the options, still experiencing lags and what not, esp when there are summoners and skelly

Apr 21, 2013 07:00:08 AM

try closing the game, right clicking your desktop then overriding from within the radeon panel. lower to optimal/performance mode options. i like to keep vsync on since i can see screen flickers in most games with it off.

then launch the game. open task manager and right click client.exe, change to high priority. that helps a ton.

in game change to medium textures, a slightly lower resolution that keeps your widescreen aspect ratio, turn off AA/AF etc.

also go to and get the latest drivers. update your nic and sound card drivers too 2013 drivers.

post-processing i re-enabled it, no performance notice and the game stops looking bad

tried software audio switch, it slowed my game down even more BUT will help other users:

Apr 21, 2013 07:17:14 AM
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