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Slow is a multiplier to animation speed: it applies to any action that has an animation, including movement, attacks, and Stun recovery.

phew... thx for the explanation, good to hear that.

AA here i come :D

Aug 02, 2017 20:45:52 PM

Did that ever come to pass?
Seems to me it's just the 10% chill now, and that might be a tad underwhelming.

Oct 11, 2017 21:51:48 PM

When a enemy hits you while Arctic Armour is active does this hit count as a hit for on hit effects? I was thinking of Unbound Aliments which says 'Supports Any Skill Which Hits Enemies'.

Apr 10, 2019 22:42:26 PM

I was trying to use arctic armour, but i read this on gem:

[take less Fire and Physical damage while stationary.]

while stationary? really?
reduced phy dam and fire dam only while STATIONARY?
So if I keep moving, this gem does nothing. Right?

Does anyone know about this gem?

Jun 23, 2019 02:53:37 AM


Oct 01, 2019 20:25:11 PM
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