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I haven't seen or heard any more information from GGG about melee since the "Baeclast" they did before Blight Launch...

Its in GGG's own interest to make melee builds enjoyable, because there's alot of melee mtx that none cares about.

Why would anyone pay for any of the melee mtx when it feels so god awful to play?

Doesn't GGG want build diversity?

Does GGG think multistrike is actually in a good spot?

Does GGG think that poor excuse called animation canceling is improving the game?

I wish we could actually get some information or a response from GGG

I mean... Chris Wilson himself is a melee player...

Does someone in GGG want to ruin melee cause they hate Chris?

Wtf is going on with melee?

Nov 13, 2019 23:50:31 PM


i propose an easy solution for GGG to fix melee.

Just delete the melee skills alltogether from the game.

Nov 14, 2019 00:06:40 AM

Monkeyface wrote:

i propose an easy solution for your melee problem.

Just delete melee skills from game.

Tbh it feels like thats what they are doing

Forcing a meta shift every league to "bait" sell mtx

Rather than just.. making balanced builds/skills and allowing people to buy mtx for whatever they like

For example...

The recent Cyclone insane buffs followed a ton of Cyclone MTX

1 patch later its nerfed, and now minions/mines are overtuned

Bunch of new minion mtx... and mine mtx

Im willing to bet that minions/mines get nerfed in 3.9 and something else gets buffed like crazy

And coincidentally GGG will make mtx for whatever is super popular/op and repeat the cycle

I was okay with this for a bit, but im pretty annoyed with this system now

Yes GGG has to make mtx for whatever is popular thats understandable...

But it feels like they are nerfing whatever is popular and then force-ably trying to make something else popular... not because it needs to be

But just because of the over tuned buffs..

Nov 14, 2019 00:16:12 AM

did you miss 3.7 or something?

that was the closest as melee you will get in path of exile.

Nov 14, 2019 01:09:36 AM

theyre crazy, they actually think that cyclone just overshadowed the other builds?

ok, jonathan and neo i love you guys but were gonna activate rant mode here, no harm intended you guys are the best, but here we go...

no one gives a shit about mana multiplier on multistrike. Melee leech mana, no melee cares at all about mana in any way shape or form. The problem with multistrike is being able to animation cancel it, as long as you can animation cancel then multistrike will be a piece of shit, and virtually every melee skill outside of earthquake, cyclone and flurry were using multistrike, so you killed melee as it existed across the board.

now every other melee skill is asking itself if it can do something without multistrike? and yes, some of them can, but they could have done it before this patch and they wernt doing it, because all those things they can do are shit compared to what they were doing when they could use multistrike.

So personally i wont play any skill that used to be a multistrike skill, and thats the fault of animation cancelling, we need an option to remove animation cancelling because it has destroyed the vast majority of melee skills. Multistrike is loading onto the 3rd hit and u never do the 3rd hit cause of ur fking clunky bullshit cancelling, i never want to cancel anything ever, stop this bullshit, let me turn it off and i will turn it off for every skill in the enitre game and never switch it on again because its terrible. That was my position after trying it for 5 minutes, after 5 hours, after 50 hours, after 100 hours, its still my position, will always be my position, i will never play 95% of melee skills ever again until i can switch off animation cancelling. Theres no mana numbers or damage numbers that can be tweeked, its not a numbers problem, its fucking unplayable because of cancelling.

so weve basically reduced melee cyclone and flurry because they cant use multistrike and cant be cancelled. earthquake doesnt use multistrike, but it can be cancelled so while playable feels like shit compared to before and i dont want to play a skill that feels like shit compared to playing it before this cancelling bullshit. Everything else is 'can X skill be played like a bad version of earthquake where i just do 1 big hit and that wipes the screen?'. If the answer is yes then great, you can now do a worse version of earthquake with that skill, a worse version of a skill i wont even play because its worse than it was before the melee fix. great.

its frustrating that its probably gonna take years of repeating this shit over and over before they accept that animation cancelling needs an option to turn it off, and the biggest problem with it is how it effects melee. jonathan still thinks melee is better than it was before.... fucking hell man, seriously? So how many years is it gonna take before he accepts that its not, that its worse almost universally for any skill that can be cancelled and thats all down to the fact they can be cancelled?

and hey, theyre still not seeing the strike skills... holy shit, you guys actually expected people to use those? the only thing that made them even exist in the same world as a playable skill before was multistrike and you destroyed that by adding cancelling, you made them worse and they were already utter dogshit that were obviously never going to be remotely close to competitive with anything in the meta or even anything considered vaguely decent.

Nov 14, 2019 02:13:48 AM

Aye we all feeling it

All of us (real poe players) just want POE to be an amazing game

We cant have that if GGG is just ignoring players and doing whatever they want

I mean Exile Con is soon, real soon

I just want them to be transparent with the community and admit they fucked up melee and how they plan to improve it/fix it

Also if this melee rework is how they do "reworks"

Expect bow builds to be destroyed/ruined/nerfed in 3.9 with the "ranged attack rework"

Or maybe they will do it right and everyone will be like... why cant you just treat melee like that?

Nov 14, 2019 02:34:51 AM

"Melee" does not fit this game anymore.
And hasn't for a long time.

The "bits" they talked about in the podcast changes nothing, and "we are making a few adjustements" will change nothing either.
Expecting an actual good melee rework is delusional at best imo at this point, I used to believe in it ... but no, that's a big lie.

Even if animation canceling gets "fixed", most melee skills will still be trash because the game hasn't been balanced around melee for a very long time ( arguably not balanced all together but that's another topic )

Nov 14, 2019 03:07:35 AM

They killed off Double Strike build and Moisten (Molten) Strike

Melee is obsolete at this point

Still no quiver equivalents for two handed melee weapons

Stat sticks still dead

Whats the point of Death's Hand?

Why do most melee builds have 1/10 of the damage of a spell build?

Why are there still no melee only defensive options?

I guess 4.0 will introduce a lot more passive nodes for strike skills and melee defence options
Strike skills need really strong passives to boost them and new gearing options

Fix Labyrinth enchantments is also mandatory
Introduce Enchantment orb to capture specific enchantments from device

Nov 14, 2019 03:28:38 AM

Thats why im wondering... why are they being so damn quiet?

Cant they just talk to the players?

Is GGG too big to talk to the community now?

Nov 14, 2019 07:55:10 AM

Melee is just mechanically bad.

The biggest problem is that when you have to be up close to what you're hitting you (a) are more likely to get hit and (b) are less likely to be able to even see what's going on because the FX from your skill plus the ones from your enemies makes a huge jumble. At least at range you have a slight bit more distance and slightly less overlap.

Nothing can or will make melee skills good. The most likely "fix" is to continue toward making melee "not melee", skills such as Cyclone, Bladestorm, Reave, Lacerate etc which might as well be spells - they just scale off weapon DPS instead of gem levels.

Instead of complaining about Multistrike, play with something like Incinerate or Lightning Tendrils which are more "melee" than most melee skills in everything except the animations.

Nov 14, 2019 08:12:03 AM
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