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after being running hundreds of uber elder fights i'll tell you what would be good to change and why.

Enslaver, purifier, eradicator and constrictor must have a Rework on t16(only) maps because :

1/ it's the true end game ain't it ? it is very important for core game.

2/ after fighting 500 of them we are literally bored with all the time wasted watching phases. it's just a bad, unbearable trailer, or whatever you want to call it.
Yes, when elder is spawning every time a guardian loses 33% life we feel like its more a bad movie than a game we're playing and the feeling of wasting 10 minuts of our life everytime we run the uber elder is what makes lot of players just stop playing.

3/ instead of phases. you could increase their life by 50 %. because they look very easy to kill. and increase their damage by 20 %. because they are not scary at all compared to shaper guardians.

thx for reading.

Nov 08, 2019 16:34:38 PM

Yes skip those lame phase were Uber Elder comes and do his animation its sooo broing and timewasting after the 500th time. And its not like a 5 second animation more like 20 seconds.

Nov 10, 2019 21:37:00 PM

100% agree - phased boss fights are bad

Nov 10, 2019 21:45:15 PM

Monkeyface wrote:
100% agree - phased boss fights are bad

+1 agree

Nov 10, 2019 21:47:25 PM

As far as i'm concerned :
The initial animation (the elder killing the boss) is ok, but its total duration should be reduced, like halved, at least.
About the area transitions, they indeed harm the gameplay, so we should be able to be teleported to the next area almost instantly.
To compensate, it could justify a buff of the elder guardians life, which would result in a more active gameplay for a similar total encounter duration.

Nov 11, 2019 00:24:04 AM
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