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GamesBeat: Speaking of the endgame, Diablo III had Adventure Mode and Rifts. Will Diablo IV have a similar endgame?

Kim: For the Rift part, we have the Key Dungeon. It’s similar, but it’s different enough in other ways. Similar because it’s that endless challenge you can go into. Different because now you have to find a key to the specific dungeon, and on the key, it says the difficulty. It says the dungeon affixes that change up the gameplay, things like that. I have to go to the dungeon, use the key, and start that run. In that sense, the endgame will be pretty similar.

Here's hoping this feature survives the butcher's block.

Nov 05, 2019 07:58:27 AM

Keys change any existing dungeon to your desire (any dungeon is solo, even the story ones).
If we consider a dungeon a potential map and the key a difficulty/tier modifierr it would be the equivalent of shaped maps.

I suppose each dungeon will have a set amount of different mob types that are randomized, the same for the RNG map layout.

Nov 05, 2019 08:29:10 AM
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