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I absolutely loved the darker color theme. Bringing back the darkness was essential after the happy go go colors in D3. Complaining about bad graphcis in an early alpha is pointless. It wasn't even that bad. The less time and effort they have to invest there the more time they have to make content.

I am a PoE-fan. I hope D4 becomes awesome(even if it is unfair to compare games with so much development time difference). Why? Because it drives the genre forward. It pushes GGG to do better.

Nov 02, 2019 20:40:05 PM

sarannah101 wrote:
elesham4ever wrote:
Edit: I gave Blizzard another chance to fix D3, by buying ROS when it released. Won't give them that benefit of the doubt again. Still regret that buy, but do not regret any of my supporter packs in PoE so far.

I feel like this but about Call of Duty. Just shit title after shit title never ending never ceasing never mitigating their utter and complete and total and absolute FAIL.

Nov 02, 2019 22:41:07 PM

elesham4ever wrote:

Lol, all that fan-boy talk. You're clearly the biggest fan-boy here for Blizzard with that nonsense.

Hardly. And if you knew me - I've been talking consistent shit about World of Warcraft for years because I'm a fan not a fan-boy. I can appreciate and criticize simultaneously.

Nov 02, 2019 22:43:53 PM

Time will show how it will be. What i know is that Blizzard tries to release good quality products. GGG releases half baked leagues and players are working as testers - lots of bugs and crashes... as always. Got a bit tired of GGG always "shifting the meta", breaking existing builds, intentionally making something broken AF just to sell more microtransatcions for those ridiculously overpowered skills. Each new league brings new stash clutter, just to push stash tab sales. Seems like most of decisions revolves around making and more money, creating a quality product has been pushed back as less important goal. A different attitude would be nice.

oh right, forgot about maps, every league they change map icons... bet 100 dollars that 4.0 will get changed map icons... again.

Been here since 2013 and you know what - unfortunately GGG has changed for the worse. Instead of being that idealistic company, trying to create great game, they've become just another blatantly greedy corporate machine.

Also, white knights, hold your asses, i dont care about Blizzard, they aren't perfect either.

Nov 03, 2019 02:38:41 AM

girng wrote:
unlucky_child wrote:
yeah, but guess what. People will TRY it. ANd with that, 50% POE players will play d4 then. RIP poe :/

Lol there is no way, PoE has its own unique style to so many players no other game can take that away. Unless PoE does something insanely negative that makes everyone quit... which I don't see happening anytime soon. In fact, quite the opposite.

Yes, But many will play D4 just to be able to group/party play. The D4 servers netcode won't be running over the god awful Networklayer Internet backbone and thus with be butter smooth in group play. And in party play you will be able to see where the enemies are, none of this clusterfuck of FX obliterating our view. That alone will get Blizzard tons of players. Let's see, probably at least another 5 or 6 million at $60 USD each = a shit ton of revenue for Acti-Blizzard.

Nov 03, 2019 04:36:45 AM

cgexile wrote:
Say what you will but that game with run smooth like butter because that is what you can expect from a Blizzard game.

Meh, they aim for toaster PC's and up, it limits what they can do in terms of stuff happening on screen, most of the game play i've seen dose not have many monsters on screen, and unless their combat is really floaty in terms of impact their choice of always online will run into sync issues, especially with movement skills. they could also head in the SSD direction (since PC's and soon to be next gen consoles will use them).

Nov 03, 2019 09:38:24 AM

To me that looks like rushed demo. Apparently D4 has new game engine and some futures seem cool but I feel like 3-5yrs waiting time for that game will kill hype unless they come up with some epic stuff. They were making a point that they want D4 to be somewhat similar to D2 so we can only wait to see where they take that game.

Nov 14, 2019 23:24:44 PM

taking a second look at this thread I think zoomers only care about graphics..

seems after all I wasnt wrong.

and yes.. anyone can see d4 demo was barely something to call an alpha they just wanted to announce d4.

Nov 14, 2019 23:56:49 PM

LOL @ D4 graphics on the forums of a game that looks like its PS1 era.

Nov 15, 2019 01:32:30 AM

When I see the passive tree, it's a joke Xd ! Again a boring game !

Nov 15, 2019 01:43:49 AM
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