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Well, besides it being league with range skills rework it will be league released in December and we know that in this time of year we get big leagues. They said it will be bigger than anything before, so bigger even than Betrayal with all masters rework.

Ofc meta shifting and minions nerf, new ranged skills and mechanics, blight added to the core in a way even people hating it will think it's not possible to grind golden oil in a year in ssf, maybe synthesis coming back in a better way... I hope for little betrayal polishing but don't even think or dream bestiary will get one too.

As for what I really would want to see... ENDGAME. I love that complicated leagues everybody hate, I am bored after few weeks if I get legion, blight or abyss in every map, really. I'd love to see more than normal game with some new looking pack of monsters added to it. I want to delve deep, create temples and listen to funny dialogues of betrayal characters loving each other while I shuffle them on aboard to get new blighet map scarabs from intervention safehouse. I'd like to have new bosses, new enemy I have to hunt and fight with, something to do, to plan. It would be great if 3.9 would focus on bossing and add some cool mechanics, challenges, quest to do. Not like act quests, but something to create, to put work into as a player.

I am hyped even if I really really miss all announcements. I always wait for them and kinda hate all this mystery and exilecom counter on a website instead of new Name and Logo. Sadface.

Nov 04, 2019 04:36:51 AM

Shagsbeard wrote:
Kind of weird that they're giving us a year to slobber over 4.0. 3.0 was pretty much a surprise.

Which is why Id be REALLY surprised if the 4.0 "reveal" is all that revealing. Im expecting more of a big picture this is where we are taking POE but nothing specific about the league mechanic just lots of foreshadowing and ambiguity. Just enough to make us want more info and then in typical GGG fashion trickle it out over the next 12 months.

I am definitely looking forward to watching exilecon!

EDIT:if they really want to suprise the F out of us...

POE 4.0 has actually been code for what is gonna be POE2

Nov 04, 2019 04:47:58 AM
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