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Serious question. I’m not here to debate but rather to understand why it was so despised. I’ve seen it repeatedly referred to as the worst league there ever was.

I started the game in Synthesis, about 3 weeks after it had started. Mind you, I didn’t know half of the things about the game then as I do now, but I did at least get to experience getting memory fragments and piecing them together toward some distant rewards. I still have no idea what the synthesizer was even for.

I didn’t even finish the story because at the time, a few other games came out that I wanted to play. But I’ve been back since mid Legion and I’m left wondering what was so bad about Synthesis? Was it really worse than Blight — something that barely even functions?

Oct 21, 2019 07:27:29 AM

Some people (too many) just want to go as fast as possible, without the need of thinking or making choices. Everything that will slow them down, be that secondary mechanics or monsters with health, is a big "no-no". That's one reason.

The other reason, was the mechanics themselves. While the Synthisiser offered great value to the top end players willing to spend the hours, the league had very little to offer to the middle man. There wasn't enough rewards available (IMO) versus the time you spent building your paths. It was kind of clunky, even though they made it a little bit better after a while. Anyhow, you spent a lot of minutes building your paths, while you always had this nagging thought in your head: "What's the point here? I can only run them a couple of time anyway. All this for a couple of Breach Splinters?".

I didn't hate the league. Played a lot of hours. I just didn't love it. My opinion might not even be valid, as I love Blight. You know, the league that barely even functions? Even though everything works great for me. Done over 100 blighted maps, from T1 to T15 and everything function great.

Oct 21, 2019 07:38:42 AM

Cause people are lame. Synthesis was great.

I hate how I wasted most of that league just leveling characters, instead of learning the later stuff on one of the characters I had. I thought it was normal for leagues to be that crazy stuff where you had to learn what you were doing for every little bit of it.

Just felt awesome knowing there was so much stuff to learn about everything in it, and the game play was so original and fun.

Oct 21, 2019 07:49:28 AM

Shithesis was extremely unrewarding and clunky, both for "beginners" and endgame players. The mechanics of this league from the beginning were completely broken. It would still survive, but developers who are possessed with thought, that players must "play" league content, decided to "nerf" map drops very drastically, so that players instead of mapping would do these cortex and bullshitex. The culmination of this tragedy were performance issues in combination with the mechanics of the Betrayal league. In other words, if someone managed to get a map, they often lost it quickly due to the unsuccessful implementation of the Betrayal mechanics. Along with exp, due to "death penalty".

In my case, although my "character" was immune to Betrayal mechanic mentioned above, Shitthesis for good "healed" me of PoE. After exactly 17 days of league I uninstalled this game and never played it again. What's more, after some time I realized how much time and life this think is stealing and wasting, thanks to which PoE I will be present solely on its forum, until a "forum tab" is needed to comment.

Oct 21, 2019 07:53:10 AM

Synthesis was extremely unrewarding both loot and map drops and required you to be at the ultra hyper wealth level in order to take advantage of its clunky ablbiet incredibly gamebreakingly powerful crafting system.

Oct 21, 2019 08:04:28 AM

I didn't hate it, but there were things that rubbed me the wrong way:

- having to do memory fragments up to 4 times
- the crafting was fucking crazy, you had to consult a site to see what items you have a chance to craft
- always keeping an eye on the various memory modifiers, I think they modified that mechanic a bit into the league but at the beginning it was pretty bad.
- the debacle of map drop chance split between running maps and memories, there was a bug there for sure that prevented people to get as many maps as was intended on paper.

On the plus side:

- rewards were pretty insane especially after they buffed them
- good boss fights

On the neutral side, the path building was fun before it got tedious. To this day I don't know if I loved it or hated it.

Oct 21, 2019 08:09:44 AM

i absolutely hated synthesis

mostly because of how tedious it was. it required so much micromanagement. and what did you get in reward for that micromanagement? a bunch of times, failure beyond your control, from bad layout, or just a buggy instant closure of the memory etc.

why would i bother putting so much time and effort into setting up a path, when that path could fail and close and completely fuck me over very easily

Oct 21, 2019 08:23:50 AM

So basically, it was a cool idea that was executed poorly with a huge time sink required for any real benefit. I liked that you had to put some thought into your usage of fragments. The sometimes insta-fails did irritate me quite a bit, especially if it was near the end of a long chain.

So then, why did they decide to scap the entire thing instead of actually fixing the issues? Seems like a waste of resources to me. People could just, you know, not do it if they hated it. Did Delve (which everyone loves, myself included) get everything right the first time out?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Blight or anything. I think it’s a cool idea — especially the oils. I just wish the performance side of things held up along with having a bigger emphasis on strategy with the towers. I like killing tons of mobs really fast as much as the next person, but I don’t necessarily want it to be effortless or brainless either.

What are the odds that Blight goes the way of Synthesis as well?

Oct 21, 2019 09:31:08 AM

Wow, that's fucking dumb, long ass post deleted. I gotta remember to start copying the bigger ones.

Anyways, Synthesis wasn't scrapped, they're trying to rework it in a way to not piss most people off when it comes back.

And I really hope Blight goes core, not in maps, slightly more delve nodes than Legion, hard to get temple room with less enemies, massively more bosses and rares, additional multiplicative boost to health, great chance for a blighted map.

^^^ that sums up what the post was.

Oct 21, 2019 09:42:54 AM

srogi_kotek wrote:

In my case, although my "character" was immune to Betrayal mechanic mentioned above, Shitthesis for good "healed" me of PoE. After exactly 17 days of league I uninstalled this game and never played it again. What's more, after some time I realized how much time and life this think is stealing and wasting, thanks to which PoE I will be present solely on its forum, until a "forum tab" is needed to comment.

Wowa! I stopped all entertainment on PC thanks to Bestiary! All that I do now is study/research, workout, work and share my juices with the ladies.
For me the story was that the game was shit and some why there were so many people suddenly moaning how they've wasted their whole life on this game and/or now regret wasting their thousands of hours on the game with no hope on the horizon.
You tell one 30 year old baldie to shut up and not moan on global chat, and another appears! I had never seen before such phenomena of mass despair in my environment. This isn't exclusive to Path of Exile but here it's truly hard to ignore it due to the density.

Now my life is awesome and lacking of nothing, one would say a dream for the majority, but I still went out of my comfort zone and inquired - now it has been my main subject of research for thousands of hours with the hope of people living more in the real than the virtual again one day!

Oct 21, 2019 12:03:20 PM
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