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Our latest Miracle-themed cosmetic is the Miracle Golem, covered in triangle shaped golden plates that light up in patterned sequence. The Golem’s element is displayed above it, held by arcane symbols whose colour corresponds to the element of the golem. That same colour is displayed across the golem including on a plate in the middle of each of its feet. To see exactly how each golem looks with the Miracle Golem microtransaction check out our preview video below, or visit the store here.

To be sure your new Miracle Golem minions respect you as one of their own you can use the Miracle Armour Set, Divine Arcane Wings, Sunprism Weapon, Sunprism Shield and Innocence Character Effect.

Thanks for your support!

Oct 21, 2019 04:00:32 AM


Oct 21, 2019 04:01:33 AM

Add to wish list $.$

Oct 21, 2019 04:05:02 AM


Oct 21, 2019 04:07:43 AM

It's a baddie

Oct 21, 2019 04:27:52 AM

Why would you release this without adding the new Carrion Golem to it? For something that is barely a reskin of another golem MTX you would think you would put that slight bit more effort into it.

While many of these new MTX are indeed pretty it feels like you are just phoning it in these days. Sure hope they improve soon.

Oct 21, 2019 04:31:50 AM

10 Skin's for every Golem !
Carrion Golem sits in his corner and crys himself to sleep. :(

Oct 21, 2019 04:34:23 AM

neato ggg oh man need miracle flame dash too

Oct 21, 2019 04:49:40 AM

Interesting, agree on the carrion golem bit.

Oct 21, 2019 04:52:05 AM

Sweet but still did not change the fact you need to buy 5 of them to get all golems with a skin...

Oct 21, 2019 05:13:00 AM
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