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rip necros next league, and blights running a necro is just a no brainer

Oct 21, 2019 02:41:39 AM

wow 40/40 like non existents

Oct 21, 2019 02:43:04 AM

Tyrion2 wrote:
as usual, most of the players don't give a flyin f about challenges

Well, to be fair, they ARE very challenging. Many require obsessive grinding and/or party play, or amassing a ton of currency to buy items or completions directly.

For casual players or those new to the mechanics of this rather involved game, a bulbous head or a yellow portal seems not worth the bother.

I love this game and have been playing since open beta and there are some leagues even I feel like, "nah, too much trouble for an MTX I don't even particularly like."

Even just building a character that will make it to corrupted rare red maps can be really hard for players who don't know the game well enough to plan for the possible mods. The learning curve with this game can be rather steep after the main campaign.

So I guess i don't really disagree with you... but I consider it less a matter of caring about the challenges as much as the challenges feeling achievable at all.

Oct 21, 2019 02:43:14 AM

Rinkie wrote:
rip necros next league, and blights running a necro is just a no brainer


The towers aren't effective enough to be a genuine tower defense mini-game. It's still a DPS game, just spread out more.

the difference between playing a necro and s different build with Blight has felt like "play 3.8 the way it was meant to be played" or "struggle"

Oct 21, 2019 02:46:45 AM

Lol yeah nice league guys

Oct 21, 2019 02:47:00 AM

Necromancer win this League, cyclone the previous, what build gona emerge on the next?

Oct 21, 2019 02:47:16 AM

Raylay5 wrote:
I always loved necro but the Blight mechanic lets necro shine. Sit on the pump build slowing towers around the pump and let your minions go to work. When the server goes to crap, which it will, guess what who cares your minions are doing all the work.

Yeah I was going to try out poison or cold assassin as a second character but...why? Necro does literally everything I want it to do in this league, and it does it flawlessly even without min/maxing gear.

I don't know how they're going to balance this. They're going to have to chop 50% of the damage off of zombies and spectres or take away 75% of their HP. I would prefer it if they just added more challenging league content and buffed other gems/ascendancies + made underused skills less clunky.

Edit: As for challenges, I wasn't going to bother with 40/40 but once I saw how smooth necro was to play I stuck around to grind it out. Some of the challenges are really rough if you don't buy them from others like the Amanamu one. 1/200 or so maps with abyss to spawn it...and then you have to not screw it up. No thanks to that level of RNG!

Oct 21, 2019 02:48:52 AM

iuiulitza wrote:
Tyrion2 wrote:
as usual, most of the players don't give a flyin f about challenges

Is not that they don't give a flying F about them . Most of them find them difficult. I heard a lot of people saying they only want the portal mtx, because challenges are too hard already for them.
The wings are ugly and only match if you bought the lich supporter pack... Anyway even if you're going for the portal only (like me) doesn't mean you were there back in September when they took the stats or even now. I'm like 65% progress on Blight Pustules and varying amount of resources spent on blight towers (75% done on minions but only 25% done on physical), also not even halfway with Zana mod achiev (encounters 3), even if you try to do the "guaranteed ones no RNG" it just takes LOTS of time for anyone who isn't a speed mapper and plays for hours every day.

notlarsen wrote:
There were some reworks to poison and new spells but I tried them all and they feel clunky and annoying to play, also scaling them is a nightmare

Having tried a bunch of different stuff there is currently no spells that feels good to play. All the previous "meta" spells have been nerfed for so many leagues in a row along with other changes on talent tree just making it worse.

On top of that, melee is still melee now that cyclone is in a normal state.

So right now I feel like there is two options, a cheap minion build that feels good and fun to play or a ridiclious expensive bow build.

Hopefully in the future we can revive spell casting (RIGHT NOW IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE TO HAVE A HP SPELLCASTER BUILD AT ALL WITHOUT ANY ACCES TO SOURCES OF LEECH) on top of the fact that all fun spells have been nerfed to the ground :(
I sadly agree with everything you said. Most of the "good" spells like winter orb, bane, storm brand, arc, etc. that were staples of seasons past got nerfed to oblivion. Atm the only sensible way to play spells is totems or mines (VERY sad). I tried to make a self-cast frozen pulse character and the levelling was awful, mana issues all the time and the damage wasn't even there in comparison to totem or bow build.

Melee same problem, tree quarters of melee skills are completely unusable because of their 2 milimeter range so if you happen to play from a country with sub par latency then most of the time you can't even hit a mob. Also your clear speed sucks because you have to walk to every pack 1 by 1. What a surprise most popular melee skill is cyclone which "coincidentally" doesn't require 360 noscope targeting skills to actually hit a mob in front of you.

Also, MAP MODS. No idea if they were revised since the time blood magic was removed as a map affix. But why would a person choose "fun" build that cannot run phys reflect, no leech, hexproof, monsters have high chance to avoid aliments, etc. etc. when they can take some cookie cutter builds that can run every mod or every mod bar 1. Some map mods exist solely to screw over obscure / unpopular builds (like monsters cannot be stunned or taunted) while doing nothing to generic powerhouses.

So yeah, if your choice is between a fun build that is viable after 10ex investment but cannot run half the map mods and isn't great for league mechanic, and a Necro that can clear tier 15 blighted maps afk and kill uber Elder with a tabula, no wonder people pick door no.2.

Personally I feel majority of melee builds are off limits to me because they rely on annoying and unfun mechanics like "gem swaps". Not only they have worse clearspeed than bows / totems / minions / traps etc. but I'm supposed to pause before every boss fight and swap 1-2 gems that will also reduce my bag space? Unless this is fixed by a major rework people will stick to a few melee skills that don't rely on lame mechanic that is a gem swap before a boss (like u know, playing cyclone).

So yeah, GGG please rework the melee support gems so they're more about choice than "which skill can use the strongest ones and doesn't require the 0 damage utility ones to function". And make self-casting spell casters viable again. Don't you think it's depressing when Elementalist is a pet spec because majority play Golem-mancer?

Oct 21, 2019 02:53:09 AM

xMustard wrote:
Joernzen wrote:
Flashback when?


but anyway, 58% necro in SSF? gaDAYUM
it isn't surprising that necro is in the top spot. but what is surprising is just how so many people are meta slaves, lol

Confucius say: Life take path of least resistance.

Oct 21, 2019 03:07:37 AM

part of the 0.65%

Oct 21, 2019 03:13:48 AM
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