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Apologies if this topic is elsewhere. I looked and couldn't find anything within the last 6 months. TLDR at the bottom.

This is about the process of getting the shaper orbs and eventually the path to Uber Elder. I'm a relatively casual player and this content just feels locked off to me. I really want to try doing Uber Elder but I have been entirely put off the grind because of the task of dragging elder influence around the map. It feels like taking an epileptic blind dog with rabies for a walk with no leash, through a playground of children. My frustrations stem from the following;

In before take downs; To the people that say, "just take a different path", or "learn how the system works", I get it. I know the system. I can manipulate the system eventually. But it's a really unenjoyable experience and it puts me off experiencing key challenges in the game.

- There are SO many places that shaper can cut off your path. This means I end up doing the same map a number of times JUST to get one step further in the tiers. Even then, totally possible to just lose a chunk of elder progress somewhere else down the line.

- When chasing the shaper orbs, let's say you encounter the glorious blue ring around a map. Great. Then I run that map, get the orb, and elder influence is no longer on it. Which means I have to immediately run that map again, hoping shaper hasn't cut me off, and hoping it won't cut me off the next run as well. At LEAST please leave elder influence on a blue ringed map?

- I totally understand that the elder shaper influence is a tug of war and it's part of the narrative. But having really engaging and challenging content gated behind that much RNG grind really hurts my motivation. Keep the tug of war, but maybe have Uber elder unlocked by a tally of white, yellow and red influenced maps rather than having to drag influence around??

- God help you if you enjoy setting up your atlas to run one map and ALSO feel like challenging end game content. It feels like ruining your own personal sculpture to play core parts of the game.

This really feels like an instance where the narrative has impeded the flow of gameplay

- RNG of elder influence entirely demotivates me from seeking shaper orbs or going after uber elder.

- Keep elder influence if you complete a blue ring map (with memory fragment)

- Adjust mechanic to not have your elder drag so vulnerable to ruination

- Allow access to uber elder through another means (such as tally of elder maps/shaper maps) or something like that. PLEASE

I love this game so much. I just want to play it and experience the challenges within it without being RNG'd over the head.

Oct 20, 2019 03:59:33 AM
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