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Ending the human race could be a good thing but most likely it will end itself through ignorance. Life is tough and not fair. Things happen through life from tragedies to happy moments. Anyways, I'm here to discuss about the game and share a brief summary with the community, both the current and former players of PoE.

If Satan gave me what I want I would support Satan's product. It's that simple. If he is in the business of doing other things too, well others who are involved in his business would make decisions based on that. If there are victims of certain criminal activities those victims are the ones who should fight to protect what's theirs and seek justice for what was taken from them.

It's easy to criticize, judge and bully others, especially when those who choose to share their opinions do not perfectly align with others. We always have to understand why people have certain opinions, why things happen around us, why people choose to do horrible or weird things that we would not. Finding the source, the cause is how we'll find a way, finding solution. Bullying, belittling, and simply talking down on others usually just adds more fuel, causes bigger conflicts, and it's indeed how most likely the human race could end itself, by starting a nuclear war for all kinds of things like a simple argument that both sides didn't care enough to understand and come to a compromise, egos, or simply just hate and rage.

If we are too ignorant or stubborn to understand certain things, to understand people why they choose to do certain things then we are not helping our cause. The justice system as example has sentences that might not all understand why people are just not hanged or executed, and how they say in process would save "tax money". People often who do horrible crimes are already doomed, but if they still had an opportunity to harm others in whatever crime they were doing but didn't that's also looked upon, and that is why you have life in prison or death sentences.

Many who read things do not absorb information as it is rather than what's good for them to believe. Words such as "could", "would", "is" for example make a lot of difference in the exact meaning of sentences. All should first take a good look in the mirror to see how much indeed they "sin", unless they do not pollute, buy/sell meat, take responsibility for their own actions that cause harm to others starting from bringing a life in this world that will require housing, food and $ for basic entertainment for nearly a century.

Path of Exile after 8+ years of development currently has to address some of the following things to excel when it comes to current "gaming standards". Multiplayer. First there were single player games then arcade and console games allowed co-op, then the LAN/Internet came, and guess what? Players enjoy playing games more with or against other players and this is mainly because of the social interaction, conflicts, drama, and overall the different experience they give compared to decades of playing these same games with only modern graphics today.

GGG failed at multiplayer because they failed at securing their players/economy from RMT, botting, and competing. It is challenging in the modern era to design games in such a way that bots would be unable to interfere, but they can be controlled as well as their influence minimized.

GGG has failed at designing a multiplayer game because designing a multiplayer competitive game is a far more challenging task than a single player competitive game. Competition comes in many forms and goals. Competition can be about wealth, dominance, influence, knowledge gained related to the game and executing the gained knowledge in the best possible way. Currently the non SSF HF leagues like group/trade and softcore ones indirectly interfere with the SSF HC league as players have an opportunity to get to the "endgame" content and try out (explore) all of what the game has and stream it, thus already releasing quickly information of what works best.

GGG can address this by doing different game design algorithm where it randomizes skills/items with different stats every league or make every individual experience personal, as in for only that particular player certain items/skills can be more powerful if he would discover that through game play and overcoming content/challenges.

When it comes about deaths, we all have died and through many different ways. Some deaths are far more annoying than others especially if they are out of our control like bugs, technical errors, etc. Dying now is not the same as it was years ago with the loot available, the crafting, and the skills. As you can see players can get back to 90+ within a day, especially if they have starting gear.

GGG needs to find ways to eliminate repetitive grinds and what I mean by that is to focus on making their "theme park" designed game feature enough rides that the players can choose to ride between, the bigger the theme park is the longer players will be in it. If 90% of the game is easy and doing repetitive grind to get to that 5-10% content that's challenging then yes they need to look into it.

Players who are easily triggered by certain things that don't go their way are the ones who are left without a game to enjoy playing. Players need to understand that the game is equal for all which means if they got screwed by something others are getting screwed as well, and in Path of Exile you can get screwed by many different things. So, embrace it when it happens because losing things and dying or simply seeing things not always go our way or obtaining/achieving whatever quickly and easily is that thing what makes games interesting and challenging.

I'm still enjoying the game and learning things about it. I have goals and that's what will keep you engaged longer with the game, goals. There is still good 6+ weeks left of the league and within those 6 weeks if you can get closer to accomplishing your goals the next league you'll be able to accomplish em sooner thanks to your EXP.

Sure I would love flashback, sure I dislike the Ziz non SSF league, sure I tried hard to be part of it, but I just couldn't because in the current state of the game my goals are to do what others can better while still in the process get a good sleep, and do it on EQUAL/FAIR ground, which is why SSF HC is the ONLY option/league for me.

I'm currently enjoying my character, the process of gearing and preparing for Delve, whatever Delve I might get within the next couple of weeks. Yes, like many others I do also have other goals, issues/problems outside of PoE that interfere with my PoE related goals. At the end like all I just wanna enjoy what time I have remaining of being human, and I wish there were more things I enjoyed out of life as I've enjoyed gaming through the decades. Those few things that I would enjoy are far more expensive, risky, and overall something that could be considered later on as I get closer to my bucket list.

Path of Exile is a good game compared to what's mostly available from gaming today and for a while now. Do not allow overzealous advertising to influence you on that (cough cough...Blizzard and classic WOW as example). Gaming has been stale for nearly a decade after experiencing a golden age from the 90's until 2010-2011. There are not many parts of the world (countries) with the living standard and technology to develop AAA type of games and in places where that's possible most of the software designers are hired and owned by government to do their "bidding" as they control the cash and can pay significantly more.

If we see great games from time to time it will be from passionate software designers who are in it to make a great game for themselves first. The way games are monetized is a further indicator how good they will be and for how long.

Finally, about Reddit. Whatever information you're receiving that's advertised to you thanks to upvotes it doesn't mean it's the best. It means it came among the first when the thread was made so it has far more time to gain more upvotes than other, newer posts, and speaking about upvotes/likes etc. around 10% of the overall base clicking those upvote/like buttons, and it's up to you to figure out why and in what category usually they belong.

Oct 19, 2019 22:38:06 PM


GGG can address this too by doing different game design algorithm where it randomizes skills/spells/items with different stats every league or makes every individual experience personal, as in for only that particular player certain items, skills etc can be more powerful if he would discover through whatever game content he discovers/overcomes.

That is an incredible idea. They could do it with hidden modifiers too, so nobody would ever know for sure what's the best a certain league.

It'd definitely make the game more entertaining for everybody thinking they could make the best build that league.

P.S. Didn't take the "God of Gaming" to be of the religious sort.

Oct 19, 2019 22:58:01 PM

Hey alright.

Oct 19, 2019 23:54:04 PM

Thankfully, no.

Oct 20, 2019 00:53:50 AM

If you're not getting help, you really should. If you are getting help, it doesn't seem to be working.

Oct 20, 2019 01:13:36 AM

LOL WTF @ the first 2 paragraphs

Oct 20, 2019 01:54:59 AM

Why do people write these 1000 word forum posts and expect anybody to read them

Oct 20, 2019 02:26:33 AM

Multiplayer. First there were only single player games then consoles allowed co-op, then the LAN/Internet came

For someone who calls himself the king of gaming you don't know much of the history of gaming. I fondly remember playing many multiplayer games with my cousin on my computer in the 80s.

Oct 20, 2019 03:10:36 AM

Shagsbeard wrote:
If you're not getting help, you really should. If you are getting help, it doesn't seem to be working.

That was quite savage. I like it.

Also, something for the OP:
Try to properly structure your text. Give your points numbers and small headlines or titles. That way people might actually care enough to read through the whole thing.
Nobody wants an ugly wall of text, and your post isn't much better right now.
A TL;DR would also help a lot, because honestly, I don't get what you want to say. At all.

Oct 20, 2019 03:13:11 AM

I forgot to add: Scorched Earth is still one of the most fun multiplayer games ever.

Oct 20, 2019 03:16:26 AM
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