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Today is the worst ever!

High latency every few mins throughout the game today

even worst when in encounter with batch of monsters!

my normal in game connection are 300 to 500 ms, just barely playable but still Ok. just switch between servers and will fine a better connection now and then.

The connection latency issues get worst in the past few update, was tried to avoid it by not playing the "blight" tower mini games, minions builds and start with other skill builds.

But today the Connection with server shoot up to 1500 ms or more every few minutes and then stuck there (lost of connection? data lost in action?) up to 10 or 15 seconds. After the connection back on line, the character will just dead due to poison, bleeding, burn... or just killed by the monsters because the server "think" you do not react to the game in that few seconds.

Since every death will lost 5-10% of exp, there are no way to level up under such connection situation. Game play experience is totally negative!

LOVE this game but Don't think I can continue to play POE with such client server connection performance. Please do something on it and don't push these issues this to client side (player end). Not everyone live next to your server room.

Oct 19, 2019 18:53:33 PM

please provide WinMTR report when you have the problem as it states here when you post about this in TECH forum -->

Oct 19, 2019 22:51:30 PM
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