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Singrave wrote:
you're just jealous so you pretend you don't understand "how is that possible" :-P

Well, I was going to tell you that I'm not jealous and really don't understand it BUT then I saw this:

Judaspriester wrote:

A screenshot I've seen here some days ago:

NOW I am jealous! ^^

Oct 18, 2019 20:08:44 PM

Those are immune builds. GGG created a new loophole with fortify effect and Pathfinder after infinite Vaal Immortal Call mechanic was nerfed. They really should get rid of immune builds.

Oct 20, 2019 10:35:00 AM

666lol666 wrote:
Maybe I'm not a great delver at all but today when I logged on this server message popped up:

How is that even possible?

Some people know they are going to hell, and like to get a headstart. :P

Oct 20, 2019 11:38:44 AM
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