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1. Adventure mode (hope it will come with 4.0). I am tired of the leveling process. I only play 2 characters per league because of the leveling process, cos I am sick of it. How about that we only need to play through the campaign once, then every character afterwards can level up and get skill points and everything through delve, maps, ... with scaled difficulty to our character level (like Diablo 3 adventure mod).
2. I fear that the more content you add to the game, the more complicated it will get (it already is), and the harder for new players to learn. The game is growing only when new players keep coming, so I just hope that the game wont get too complicated. I hope there would be a way around it, being complex but not scaring off new players.

Oct 11, 2019 04:58:00 AM

we can tell you that it contains a good balance of risk vs reward, compelling endgame content and is a whole lot less server-melty.
Very interesting wording there...

Oct 11, 2019 05:04:12 AM

As usual, looking forward to it.
IMO, i think you guys should stop trying to force the meta-shifts. It's slowly getting tiresome.
Also fully on board for a less server-melty league mechanic :D.

Oct 11, 2019 05:20:12 AM

I was kind of disappointed when I got the Signed Art pack from the Crucible Core Supporter. I don't know, It just seemed kind of cheap... Please be more considerate of this next time. The shirt and hoodie are awesome and I hoped that the art pack would live up to them since, after all, it is double the price. However, we just get cheap, signed, photos. Mine even came crumpled since the package was all bent. It was really sad and I really hope you guys hear this out.

Thanks! Greetings from Brazil!

Oct 11, 2019 05:29:07 AM

How about DirectX 12/Vulkan API Support?

Oct 11, 2019 05:56:53 AM

Can't wait to see what the new forced meta is. I'm sure GGG knows what i want to play.

Oct 11, 2019 06:03:26 AM

Can't wait, as always.

Oct 11, 2019 06:05:32 AM

EzequielD11 wrote:
I would just want a league that is not actual CANCER fps wise, doesnt crash and does not carry issues from previous leagues, optimize ur game. I literally dont give an F about the content at this point

No problems here bud, playing on a computer I have not upgraded in over 3 years.

Its funny that suddenly everyone has huge performance issues meanwhile I am still on the same pc since 2012 with no difference in performance this league compared to earlier once this year.

Oct 11, 2019 06:06:26 AM

what doesn't melt the server, melts my heart *pops medication*. I am ready for more full on greatness! (*)> i am raising him to be praised like all who came before.

Oct 11, 2019 06:09:42 AM

GGG pls dont change everything every 3 months, is really not good, i cant keep up with this, everytime is a pain in the ass, PLS PLS PLS FOCUS on QUALITY OF THE GAME and NOT NOT NOT QUANTITY...

|||||||| MAKE THE GAME MORE STABLE ||||||||

Oct 11, 2019 06:36:08 AM
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