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Good stuff

Oct 08, 2019 02:29:14 AM

nice! this is beautiful!

Oct 08, 2019 02:39:51 AM


Oct 08, 2019 03:12:28 AM


Oct 08, 2019 04:11:53 AM

Hi GGG, please consider doing a medieval style, full plate armor MTX in bright and shiny silver, that really reflect light in lowlight settings.

For inspiration: Liam Neeson's God armor in "clash of the titans"

My absolute favourite armor sets so far are the Empyrean and Vanguard set!


Oct 08, 2019 07:45:32 AM

How the heck did you manage to make so frustraing thing from such beautiful Havenwood concept?
All details fade out in shading, without this concept, I wouldn't even have looked closely and noticed these intertwined belts.
So pleasant soft contrasts bacame literaly toxic, and the bright lines became so thick as if the one who made them on ingame model was afraid that they won't be seen in dynamic-resolution mess.
Leaves on the back and shoulders of female models...
*painful scream echoing in empty room*
I was so hyped when i first saw the havenwood bow&quiver, favorit theme in favorite colors, the studio come a long path from things like Seraph armour to masterpieces like Sunspire/curent core/Elder basicaly almost eny recent set.
How bad could it be?

Oct 08, 2019 08:07:53 AM

Why, oh why, didn't they add the white hair as an option for the Havenwood headgear? I might have actually picked up that microtransaction if it had cool white elven hair.

Oct 08, 2019 09:10:12 AM

when do these mtxs become available ?

Oct 08, 2019 09:27:18 AM

I like the blue and red palette in the latest microtransaction.

Oct 08, 2019 11:18:52 AM

I wish I hadn't seen the Havenwood concepts. It could have been a really nice woodland themed set. I don't know if the palette was dictated by autumn but it's way to monochromatic now and closer to glowing embers than leafs.
Hopefully we'll get a variant at some point that is closer to the original designs, which all looked better than what we got now.

Oct 08, 2019 12:44:05 PM
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