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Hi, I bought this bow very cheap but spend some currency 6linking it and divines to get better rolls (aprox 4ex).

Entropy Guide
Thicket Bow
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  • Adds 22 to 38 Fire Damage
  • 10% increased Attack Speed
  • 25% increased Critical Strike Chance
  • +27% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
  • 10% chance to gain a Power Charge on Critical Strike
  • 20% chance to deal Double Damage
  • 50% increased Critical Strike Chance if you have Killed Recently
  • Attacks with this Weapon Penetrate 16% Elemental Resistances

  • I'm considering to remove the "Add x to x Fire Damage" prefix in order to get a +1/+2 to gems.

    Is it worth it or should I stop throwing exalteds at it?

    Oct 07, 2019 21:38:41 PM
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