Forum Index Standard Trading - Buying WTB Specific 4 mod Cobalt Jewel (20+ Int, Es%, + options) Paying well


I am looking for a jewel that must have the following three mods:

Must have

6-8% Energy shield (prefix)
12-16 Intelligence (suffix)
Strength & Intelligence or Dexterity & Intelligence (Suffix)

The other prefix either of these two:

Increased attack speed while holding a shield (Prefix)
% to Critical Strike Multiplier with fire skills (prefix)

Basically I need the jewel to have % energy shield + either attack speed with shields, or Crit multi with fire skills as the prefixes. And 20+ total intelligence as the suffixes

Any roll as long as not corrupted, if corrupted then rolls must be max or close.

Not interested in 3 mod jewels, unless decent price that I can pay and slam.

Will pay good for this, best way to reach me if a PM here on the forum.

Oct 05, 2019 13:41:18 PM
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