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So first, the pob link:

What I'm looking for is obviously what can I do to upgrade this build. I'm still a huge noob to this game so I don't know what items are out there, so any potential uniques that work better than what's already used, or can take the slots of the rares in the build are great. Don't worry about suggesting pricey stuff, I'll get it eventually.

Suggestions should work with flicker strike, endurance/frenzy charges, the auras used, and armor based gear; and if they take the slot of a rare it needs to come close to covering the resists the rare gives. Since the author hasn't updated the build for Blight I could also use a suggestion for what annointment I should be using, though that one's not too difficult to figure out really.

Thanks to any one taking the time to help me out!

Oct 03, 2019 18:57:03 PM

shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ....

Oct 06, 2019 00:44:47 AM
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