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To bad we cant we cant remove the Dread Banner it looks stupid ! Would be nice if we could use the vanishing mtx to remove it and just wear just 1 back attachment !

Sep 27, 2019 14:47:29 PM

Not feeling these MTX.

Sep 27, 2019 15:17:51 PM

You'd have to pay ME to get a free Carnival mystery box. And even then I wouldn't open it.

Sep 27, 2019 18:19:09 PM

If I purchase a stash tab item, does that qualify for a mystery box, or is it only for aesthetic purchases?

Sep 27, 2019 18:25:08 PM

Arrowneous wrote:
GGG you should rethink your 1 free mystery box limit. Every sale item purchased should get a free mystery box so you would sell more mtx (which is the whole idea of course).

so lemme just buy tons of weta pets

Sep 27, 2019 18:41:49 PM

If i buy a carnival box, i get another free carnival box?

Sep 27, 2019 19:11:21 PM

cool free boxes! :D

Sep 27, 2019 20:14:57 PM

Not complaining just find it funny I said right before opening the mystery box watch I get the armor and did, reason I find that amusing is that I've bought boxes in the past and got all the free ones and hoped to get any of the armors and never did and with this one I was hoping I wouldn't and did.

But hey $25 "value" for 60 cents bought a skin transfer instead of usual weta people buy so not bad and now that I have the harlequin armor it's actually not bad looking, certainly better than the ringmaster and definitely not the worst that I own.

Sep 27, 2019 20:32:51 PM

I bought a Weta, where's my Mystery Box?

Sep 27, 2019 22:24:46 PM

wolvescult wrote:
I bought a Weta, where's my Mystery Box?

Nevermind, found it, lol

Sep 27, 2019 22:30:58 PM
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