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CarNiVooRa wrote:
Legion was much faster and rewarded you better stuff, like in my initial post even if you didnt get good loot you got some splinters which were worth currency so never got nothing.

Yes, and running blighted maps returns the same amount as a T2 glacier-farmer.
So, where's the issue?
Legion was already over-done heavily, Blight is as well.
Both need to be reigned in properly... less loot from end-game encounters but more chances to do those end-game encounters.
Hence more blighted maps which take longer by implementing proper waves and more splinters but less general loot dropping in the timeless conflict.

Not that hard to grasp that concept.

CarNiVooRa wrote:

In blight you have to hope the time you waste on the mechanic will return you something, i had multiple blight encounters where i got only rare item chests which basicly no loot on strict filter, and if you dont notice a boss spawn you literally get no loot unless you can kill it quickly.

That's the same with every mechanic. Doing a delve? Better hope that fractured wall has fossils or currency behind it then rather then 'hidden loot'.
Alva? Better get the right room.
Bestiary? Better be a decent beast.
Legion? Better have a few notable mobs!
Blight? Better have the right chests.

So, where exactly is the difference? The only viable difference provided is that you don't gain anything at all if you fail 85% into the mechanic... which is fairly dumb given it's a league-mechanic.

CarNiVooRa wrote:

legion and blight have similar reward in how they function thats why you can compare them easily, but regarding that its just not worth running most of the time. Many ppl just skip blight entirely cuz its more efficient to just mf around the mechanic instead actually doing it.

First of all... if you're in a trade-league then 'Blight mechanic' means blighted maps.
If you're smart and can handle the content then you'll buy those maps and run them instead of doing blighted content in lower tiers outside of T16.
Blight heavily scales with the tiers of maps, hence the difference between T15 and T16 alone is already a fairly sizeable one. Also the mechanic is wonky to say the best, some spawns are just outright unfair. Obviously they aren't worth a lot in maps because of it.
Blighted maps on the other hand... overly rewarding.

If you're playing SSF then you won't skip them either, they provide loot otherwise hard to get, hence you'll do them.

So one way or another, the league-mechanic is worthwhile if used properly. It's still a shit mechanic overall though as it dilutes old content even further.

Temple-specific drops? Pfff... why bother with Alva, she's garbage without them as we also drop 21/23 jewels and even vaal 21/23 ones. So the gem corrupt is diluted. Double corrupt and specific uniques being the only viable reason to run her... well... and map-sustain as that's garbage overall.
Betrayal? Who cares about it, unless you want to corrupt amulets or craft white sockets it's also useless now, you get tons and tons of scarabs in Blight, not worth the hassle.

The same issue was present with Synthesis and Legion already, it's a shit way to move the game, one which de-valuates old content massively and thus makes the game grow 'stale' even sooner.
But rewarding? It definitely is.

CarNiVooRa wrote:

Only thing that is worth it are blight maps, which can only drop from blight encounters, if you skip them to maximize loot you wont be able to play them unless you buy them.

And league-specific uniques like HH, and stacked decks, and 21/23 gems, and currency (which is usually as much if not more then a whole map with a MF-char outside of div-cards).
So no.

CarNiVooRa wrote:

So there is basicly no reason left to play this league instead of standard for many, beside the absurd annoitment system which is completely overpowered.

And utterly unneeded, who gives a shit about it if your character facerolls uber-elder anyway? What reason is there to upgrade to a top-tier amulet AND annoint it. By that time you're good to go anyway. So not even that is a good reason.

Standard is actually better to play because it doesn't feel like as much of a hassle... but well... maybe actual choice in running non-diluted league-content would change that, sadly GGG seemingly thinks otherwise besides a myriad of games proving it's extremely good for long-term retention.
How else do you think games which barely update have held their own for years? The provide an INCREASE in felt size of the game and different mechanics over time. PoE feels still as small as it did in Abyss.

Oct 17, 2019 16:03:59 PM

alot more fun simply outweighs any of the other stuff, imho

Oct 17, 2019 19:51:58 PM

Double, sorry

Oct 17, 2019 19:51:59 PM

Blight League is bad. There are many characters who clear very fast and do all content but struggle with the blight encounter in t15+ Maps.
(That's a huge minus)

Oct 18, 2019 03:18:41 AM

Kulze wrote:
CarNiVooRa wrote:
Legion was much faster and rewarded you better stuff, like in my initial post even if you didnt get good loot you got some splinters which were worth currency so never got nothing.

Yes, and running blighted maps returns the same amount as a T2 glacier-farmer.
So, where's the issue?

You really dont see the issue?
It have alot
I'll remind you some of them.

Say one blighted maps have same output as ont t2 glacier Legion encounter. Even 3, might be. Okay

One ok blighted map

1. Cost 70-150 chaos. You cannot rely you have em back tho from this map.
2. Need 5 min to be done. 5 freakin minutes! Divide it to the output.
3. Can be failed, you get no returns at all. And its actually easy to fail, just get not that rare branch-on-pump.
4. You close to dont need any skill at all, you cannot affect to rewards on this map at all inside it. Just kill incoming monsters, dumb af.
5. Close to dont have scalable endgame encounter. T16 blighted so rare and so expensive, and not worth it usually.
6. Dont really have exp boost effect.

Legion Glacier map

1. Cost 1.5 chaos. 3x is 5c. But you ALVAYS get more uot of it, it was GUARANTEED.
2. 15-30 sec for the whole encounter. Awesome tense!
3. Cannot be failed.
4. You actually need skill and navigation to get better rewards out of it. So its can be even more rewarding and challenging if you wish so.
5. Have scalable ebdgame encounter.
6. Have VERY GOOD exp boost effect.

Oct 18, 2019 04:31:09 AM

CarNiVooRa wrote:
a league that is so easily comparable to legion[...]

How ? Both leagues are very different,

If anything Legion is closer to breaches/stronboxes or whatever elase really.

Oct 18, 2019 05:22:46 AM

I still don't get why Legion was so beloved. It hardly had a game mechanic.
You just kill fast as you can and in Timeless conflict you do the same but spawn them manually.

I wonder if it's the reward Timeless Conflict offered that makes players bias.

I find Blight Maps specifically to be a good concept that needs tweaks. Something they already claim to be doing in terms of incorporating them.

Less and more meaningful enemies would also help as any mechanic where the player is using the mini-map over the actual game display is probably in need of some changes. I actually enjoy the all-or-nothing aspect of Blighted maps where you run a high risk of failing if you die.

Oct 18, 2019 09:02:54 AM

DarkJen wrote:
You really dont see the issue?
It have alot
I'll remind you some of them.

<lots of talk about digital bits and bytes signifying ingame wealth>

But this is a game, thus measured by fun, not by worthless (yes, it really is) game currency.

By that measure, blight is a lot better than legion!

Oct 18, 2019 09:37:31 AM

for sure in the top 3 worst leagues.

Oct 18, 2019 10:49:43 AM

CarNiVooRa wrote:

And if you fail a blight encounter you loose all, meaning you can end up wasting 1+ minute in a map doing the blight mechanic, and end up with 0 returns. In legion you were not able to fail, even if you were not optimized to clear the whole legion before the timer runs out, you still got what you got in that amount of time, so you couldn't loose.

So Blight takes a lot more time, is a lot less forgiving and gives less returns.

This is almost blatantly calling out legion as being worse.

It was pretty good through the acts, and then you get just mildly OP and it becomes a mindless spam fest. Anything that requires near no interaction or thought is automatically a bad game, that can't even be argued.

Even gimping myself to try to make it harder didn't work, all the enemies did was spam stuff in a straight line, except for that one Vaal guy who did that cloud type move that moves across the ground, damn, and those Templars that spawned the beam on you.

Other than the very rare occasions those guys get you though it was literally just spam, loot, get even more OP to cheese it harder.

Oct 18, 2019 11:06:42 AM
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