Forum Index General Discussion How about combining Decoy and Rejuvenation Totems into one? Or Devouring Totem?


Rejuvenation Totem (along with Searing Bond) has got to be the most under-used totem skill, by a far margin (and at least Searing Bond was changed to allow it to function as a free extra totem). Even Devouring Totem is occasionally used for corpse removal. So given the similarity of their purposes (both help you to tank encounters), do ya'll think it'd be a good change to just combine it with Decoy Totem to have an all-round totembro that both taunts and heals you (maybe at a reduced amount to preserve balance)?

Alternately, maybe combine it with Devouring Totem so it has both a general heal aura as well as a 'super-heal' (including mana regen) if there are corpses around for it to consume. Thoughts?

Sep 17, 2019 21:11:46 PM

Yup... I'd like to see decoy become a support gem. -damage, +life, and taunt.

Sep 17, 2019 21:46:27 PM
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