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Fapmobile wrote:
The only fact is that you know nothing about how ggg operates.
Just because you see bots somewhere doesn't mean action wasn't/isn't taken.
You don't just magically prevent all the bad things, you know.

desintegradion is not a "thing".

Sep 17, 2019 20:07:17 PM

AngevineKeara wrote:
No actions is taken, believe me.

Sep 18, 2019 00:28:23 AM

Facts are shot and suddenly an army of white knights come to save GGG anal virginity.

This company is becoming more and more shadowy as years pass. Look at my account creation date,I know what I'm talking about...

I don't gonna link the gazillion of videos proving the gigantic ammount of RMT on this game, or even the 2 different videos of a streamer called [Removed by Support](one 1 year ago the other recently) using RMT services and not geting a perma-ban.

I recommended this game to many people, maybe I made dozens of people join this game, and now I feel so bad for allure them into this piece of shit.

A question for GGG, how many streaming hours do we need to get a free-of-punishment RMT transaction? There's some table somewhere that specifies how many hours/viewers we need to get this perk?

GGG you dissapointed me really hard, I didn't though you will become this disgusting type of company when I sign out to you 8 years ago...

Sep 30, 2019 08:52:08 AM


Sep 30, 2019 08:52:09 AM

Lvzb3l wrote:


GGG YOU SUCK, [Removed by Support].

Has 14 challenges, clearly still plays.

Sep 30, 2019 11:33:03 AM

GGG creates a game where progression is tradable. Killing bosses doesn't matter, only drops, and all drops can be sold.

Since gamers play for progression, and no skill/tactics can guarantee it, you rely on trade to fill the void.

Hence, you could not make a better market for RMT than this model. I dare you, try it.

Edit - it would be easy to fix, too. Make maps work live delve, or incursions, or syndicate, you couldn't buy any of those. There is no reason the entire endgame (really maps are 80% of the game these days at least, maybe 95% depending on the player) revolves around RMT-encouraging items.

Sep 30, 2019 21:40:52 PM

Yeah it's bad enough i can go on the trademarket look at people selling EX, mirrors, chaos orbs. and they have tons of it. I think it is a LITTLE fishy! IDK if GGG even looks at that stuff and investigate them.

Sep 30, 2019 21:54:24 PM

Me: Joined: Jul 10, 2013
GGG: Oh, so you've been playing for over 6 years and would finally want to see a Mirror in your inventory? Naaah.

And then there's a ton of mirrors everywhere nowadays. Prices are inflated due to a sudden rise in currency on the market. If that's not botting then I'll be damned.

Sep 30, 2019 22:07:44 PM

One thing I noticed through years on this matter - same topics, no visible improvement, rampant growth.

Sometimes I doubt myself if botting is hydra problem, where you cut one head and multiple grow. Or simply no major fucks are given, since heads will grow back anyways.

Sep 30, 2019 22:07:51 PM

I only play Standard now. And even in Standard, with its far lower population compared to temp leagues, rarely a day goes by where I don't see at least one conga line of bots going back and forth from portal to waypoint. Can often find them in more towns than just one.

I don't even bother trying to report any of them anymore, because it's a hassle since the system isn't designed for it...and it does seem to be an absolute waste of effort.

Sep 30, 2019 22:10:44 PM
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