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Player named [Removed by Support] Scammed when i tried to buy Starforge sword from her and she gave me Voidforge (i know its my fault that i didnt pay attention), after some time i realized that it wasnt the sword i wanted i asked if i could switch she said that she would in a minute but didnt switch after all and fully ignored me.
screenshot of me buying it
[Removed by Support]

Sep 17, 2019 15:56:20 PM

Thoughts and prayers.

Sep 17, 2019 15:57:43 PM

Excellent tip also if someone emails you and says they're from your bank and they need your account number and PIN code don't give it to them as that's also a scam. Who would have thought eh?

Sep 17, 2019 16:12:34 PM

Imagine even playing this

Sep 17, 2019 16:13:22 PM

DarthSki44 wrote:
Imagine even playing this

It's not the league that is the problem, it's these people that fail to look at what they are being offered in the trade window.
Like Shags said before in another thread... It's almost as if these people are doing RMT's for garbage items, and then make a "scam" thread to cover their ass in hopes that GGG won't ban them for RMT'ing.

Sep 17, 2019 21:04:43 PM


Sep 17, 2019 21:33:14 PM
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