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The league is ok.

As mentioned by a few people, the loot is not as rewarding as Legion was (personal opinion). I think the patch notes mentioned they were going to upgrade it this week.

With some of the changes coming up in the patch, it might be better.

As much as I like Tower Defense Games, if I wanted to play one, I would load Kingdom Rush & not PoE.

I will most likely play to 24 challenges to get the portal. Looks awesome.

Sep 17, 2019 20:42:17 PM

I like the mini tower defense thing, but it is super repetitive, and causes performance issues even with a good PC later on with more and more portals.

Sep 17, 2019 20:49:36 PM

started playing from legacy league and IN MY OPINION this is the worst league i've ever played. boring, unrewarding, breaking arpg gameplay flow, refined garbage. cant believe someone playtested this and said this is ok. building towers distracts from the combat, league would be somewhat decent if those towers would be built automatically, rewards would be seriously increased, and encounter would start immidiately after you stepped near the pump without wasting time to wait for portal spawning and pressing >> button and going twice faster.

legion was way, way better, you cant even compare those, and i wasnt one of those guys who farmed t2, i challanged the hardest content, took 100 and 40/40, playing till the last day of the league for the first time. so disappointing, and, yep, the league is indeed dead, who would have thought.

and, what really pisses me off, and it's always been like this, you cant ignore league mechanic because other loot balanced accordingly and you will not get anything just by clearing maps (if you dont have tons of mf), you clear t15 without league encounter you'll get 1 fusing few jewellers thats it. player should play standard, i get it, but if one wants to play with friends or spent some time on new economy.

Sep 17, 2019 21:06:49 PM

burninbeard wrote:
decided to sit this one out even though the mechanic looked pretty good to me. about every other seems to suit me quite well and i should have a lot of spare time when the next league hits. so just wondering how the mechanic is. you like it better or worse than legion?

I think it's cool that you take every other league off, but that's not for me. I mention this because I will give you my assessment without trying to 'talk you into' trying it like I've seen some people do.

The first thing that must be mentioned is that a lot of people, myself included, are not running 'blighted maps' which would be equivalent to the domain of timeless conflict last league. They are too technically buggy to run right now, unless you are willing to live with the idea that your encounter can bug out and you lose your map with no shot at loot.

Because of that, I can't TRULY evaluate this league. But I can give you some notes.

One thing that jumps out at you after you've played this league thoroughly is that they overnerfed the league rewards in white maps because of Legion's 'Glacier meta'. White map rewards are trash, yellow are not great, red are pretty alright. Even blight encounters in red maps don't yield what Glacier was yielding last league, but that's ok. If legion league never existed, Blight wouldn't feel out of place coming after Delve or Synthesis.

There are supposed to be bugfixes coming this week, so next week around this time would be a great place to ask this question again. I like the mechanic just fine now, and expect to love it post patch.

One big thing about Legion that rubbed me the wrong way was how much more rewarded you were for playing Tornado shot or Cyclone with a Headhunter compared to most other things. The loot gap created between the top builds and regular builds was off-putting. I like blight because these same people now are complaining that even though their 3-mirror worth characters can OMGWTFPEWPEW maps in 20 seconds flat, they can't speed up the mechanic.

That alone makes me like Blight more than Legion.

One point in favor of Legion though is it's timeless jewel system. Divining timeless jewels and trying them in a scion tree was probably the most fun little crafting mini game I've played to date. Enchanting amulets is fun power creep and all, but it's not particularly compelling. Blight's gameplay is more compelling than Legion though, and so is the pacing of its reward structure.

Sep 18, 2019 00:43:58 AM

Standard is going just fine.

Sep 18, 2019 00:53:33 AM
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