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I keep seeing posts claiming millions in DPS and when I try to recreate the build in path of building app, the DPS calculated is nowhere near millions. Are those posts clickbait or am I missing something?

Sep 16, 2019 16:27:26 PM

You gotta turn all the flasks and the buffs active. Don't skip the jewels and other damage mods on gear in PoB. Everything adds up. Those builds usually have multicrafted weapon with crit multi jewels, with ele damage mod on every piece of gear, 20/20 quality gem, etc... They are hardly budget and practical for the average player.

Sep 16, 2019 16:37:43 PM

xpmrz wrote:
Everything adds up.

This is the key! Even a little bit of flat damage or increased damage here and there combines with all the other multipliers you have for one synergistic ball of polynomial/exponential damage growth.

20/20 quality gem

Actually, Corruption can get Gems 1 level and/or +3% quality past natural maximum - so you're looking at 21/20, 20/23, or even sometimes 21/23 gems.

Sep 16, 2019 16:52:19 PM

adghar wrote:

This is the key! Even a little bit of flat damage or increased damage here and there combines with all the other multipliers you have for one synergistic ball of polynomial/exponential damage growth.

To be correct, it's still linear growth with respect to flat damge and increased damage ( you double the flat damage, you double the DPS likewise for increased damage). It is exponential growth for with respect to spell gem level. But since the gear can potentially adds a large amount of increased damage and flat damage, the result is we have a large DPS.

Sep 16, 2019 17:07:54 PM

Prolly a bit of both tbh there is plenty of builds that do millions of dps and plenty others that do much less but are flufed with unrealistic settings ticked to appear to do millions

Sep 16, 2019 17:13:45 PM

1) use mirror-level gear
2) it doesn't matter if you can actually reliably generate frenzy/power/endurance charges, you should enable all of them
3) assume you'll always be in a perfect situation where all your buffs are active
4) set enemy level to 0 - this helps boost you shaper dps greatly!
5) if you can shock, just pretend shock effectiveness isn't a thing
6) damage on full life is a great gem, just don't forget to enable blood rage too for moar dps
7) of course you have adrenaline!

Sep 16, 2019 17:26:22 PM

The higher damage builds I have played had around 2 million shaper dps without flasks or buffs that don't easily have 100% uptime. These builds were relavently cheap, around 20 ex for 90% potential or ~1 ex for 50% potential (1 million shaper dps). I would say 1 million shaper dps should be enough dps and focus should shift to survability after that. I have seen builds that do 10× the damage of my best builds in game, so 20+ million shaper dps is a real thing, but I hear those builds are not cheap.

Sep 16, 2019 21:46:14 PM

Keep in mind too that some of the biggest and DPS increases can't be currently modeled correctly by Path of Building. A good example is impale - last league my facebreaker champion... who could inflict 7 stacks of impale in under a sec at 19% of his damage added per stack + tons of bonus flat damage had a realistic single target DPS of just shy of 3 million but POB was showing just a hair over one million. Had to model the DPS with a custom flask mod

Did confirm the dps as ballpark accurate though by letting shaper regen to full and ripping him apart in about 6 secs though.

Keep in mind that stuff like 'all flasks up at all times' is a lot easier than it sounds if you are killing even end game bosses within the duration of 2 flask uses.

But yeah quite a lot of builds are deliberately inflating that tooltip doing things such as perfect 50% shock (when bosses might get a 20% shock if that) unrealistic charge gen or my personal favorite modeling dps vs trash enemies... who cares what your trash dps is right? Past a pretty minimal amount there's only the dead trash and trash you haven't hit yet.

Sep 17, 2019 01:37:48 AM

You can also get that in PoB without any special stuff just using minions. I feel like powerful cold converted skeletons can probably get to like 5M+ DPS on their own. I gave up after I hit over two, and still had a ton of stuff to add.

Sep 17, 2019 02:35:58 AM

This is how proper DPS calculations are done:

(ZiggyD video for Icicle Mine)

Sep 17, 2019 03:28:39 AM
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