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sooner or later we will get a better trade since the large amount of people have complained about it due to the high intake of scammers passed few leagues

just wait till 4.0 see what happens

Sep 15, 2019 15:51:50 PM

GGG needs to add a way to sell items in "lots" as eBay allows. So a group of items can be tagged as 1 item for sale as in "lot of yellow maps" or "lot of currency" for example. The total group of items would get a user defined descriptive sell tag and be searchable on that field. If any 1 item of the lot was removed then that would break it (the lot sale is removed) and the seller would need to start over to pick the items to sell together.

This would go a long way to alleviate the items up for sale that aren't worth stopping to sell individually (we could sell them in lots).

Sep 15, 2019 16:09:28 PM

I wouldnt count on any easier form of trading. GGG prefers people to make or farm their own items and stated multiple times that giving us trade API and premium stash tabs was mistake.

Sep 15, 2019 16:12:36 PM

yea but they need todo somthing last league people were jumping off the handle cuz the amount of scammers and people having to spend 3 hours trying to buy a map

i dont count on a new trade i mean its GGG i just hope with them trying to compete with diablo 4 which is what the 4.0 update is ment to be somthing will happen not to mention the amount of people that were pissed when they put in *not new trade update* in alot of patch notes even tho they kno that will set people off

Sep 15, 2019 16:17:43 PM

Well we could always go back to the old days of listing each item on the fourm sending a fourm on, waiting 1-3 weeks for a response just to figure out u play completely different times...

Sep 16, 2019 01:27:07 AM

My trading experience has been great this league. Much better than previous leagues. I usually get spammed with messages after a sell, but this hasn't happened yet. I'm sure it still happens to other players though, I've been lucky :)

Sep 16, 2019 05:07:54 AM

Deonbekende wrote:
Wait for the patch that introduces auction houses.


I still don't understand why people are against it. It work perfecly in a lot of games, i don't see any drawback.

POE trade system is archaic but it will never change because GGG whant to sell premium stash.

Not only that, but an auction house will slowly decay an item's value over time.

I don't think this is good for an arpg.

Sep 16, 2019 05:11:47 AM

Shagsbeard wrote:

I'll try to explain, even though it has been explained thousands of times in the past.

1) This game derives a whole lot of it's reward structure on finding items. If you remove that, by making items simple to find, you lose a lot of what makes this game fun.

So nothing would change with AH.



2) Players who don't enjoy trading wouldn't object at all to sticking their items on a AH and coming back later for their reward. That would increase the amount of items available, and decrease their value to the point where no one could trade items for profit. They'd simply be getting a chaos or two for the items they are now asking exalts for.

Makes no sense.
Players either have to put every item in there for 1 alch because they absolutely don't care, or trade "properly" (right price) or not at all.
With the first your own profits you fear for will increase a lot, with the second the market would benefit a lot and with the third nothing would change at all.


3) GGG's main source of income is stash tabs. To sell tabs, they need to be useful. What would be the point of saving items if you could just go to an AH and pick up the ones you wanted?

Tie AH slots to bagspace or for the beginning simply do what I wrote above:

For starters they could simply leave the system as-is but make trade automatic.
Have the client parse the whispers and in case the correct whisper comes (add some nice prefix for automatic trades to the chat command) the client will show a popup message [player x wants to buy item y for z] {accept/cancel}, and if accepted, the server would automatically transfer the item to the buyer and the currency to the seller.
Establish a lock on the inventory on both players so there is enough space, make sure there is proper verification and no asynchronity (prevent dupes) and you're good to go.
Two days of work maybe?

Sep 16, 2019 10:05:38 AM

bejuts wrote:
Tie AH slots to bagspace

you must be crazy, you realise that some players have hundreds of premium tabs?

and of course it's easy to implement, in fact it's already in the game but not enabled in the international system but in the chinese and console version.

Sep 16, 2019 13:18:16 PM

I was interested to see other mentions of scamming. I've never come across it before but this league there are LOTS of attempts to scam me.

Sellers offering items with the same icon as the one I requested but a much cheaper item. In fact the last 6 times I tried to buy that item from a seller (different players each) they all tried to con me the same way.

When selling people are putting in much less currency and clicking trade hoping you clicked trade.

I've never seen this before in past leagues. That said I've only seriously been playing since Delve.

Sep 16, 2019 14:07:51 PM
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