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Lv 81...nearing 7K ES and saving up for some better gear. Still missing my final Ascendancy points as I'm having a hell of a time finding any Uber Lab trials...and they get gobbled up fast in Global chat.

But I finally completed my staff this evening! In one sitting I used 16 jewelers, 25 chromatics and 2 fusings to create this beautiful instrument of death:

The Whispering Ice
Vile Staff
Click to expand
  • +18% Chance to Block Attack Damage while wielding a Staff
  • +1 to Level of Socketed Support Gems
  • Grants Level 1 Icestorm Skill
  • 9% increased Cast Speed
  • 1% increased Spell Damage per 10 Intelligence
  • 18% increased Intelligence
  • Guard your darkest thoughts well, for they are

    the cracks through which the Nightmare crawls.

    So having another 36% cold penetration is going to be interesting...time to watch mobs and bosses melt even faster!

    Sep 11, 2019 06:40:43 AM

    Found another blighted map and continued learning. This time I lasted 3 min out of the required 5 after a great start before losing focus and forgetting what I needed to do. Progress!

    Strategy used: you get a ton of time to prepare - 60 sec while the first 2 blight nodes are visible. Take your time and plan a choke point setup: a Flamethrower tower (fire tier 4) supported by tier 1 Lightning, Minion and Empower towers. This will take care of those 2 initial blight nodes. It costs 1450 energy.

    When the event starts, run to those nodes and kill some trash there until the next 2 nodes appear. Then run back and plan the next choke point before the mobs start coming. The 1st choke point tower will start burning the mobs and supply you with energy to build towers. And it continues like that: 2 more blight nodes every 20 sec or so, until all 20 nodes are up.

    I was trying to build 4-5 choke points to protect the pump from all sides, and then upgrade the Empower towers which in turn buff the whole cluster. And maybe add more flamethrowers, plus physical or cold towers to stop the bosses, depending on how much energy I would have.

    A lot seems to depend on the map type. This one was wide open and would require at least 4-5 choke points. The one ZiggyD showcased only needed 2 or 3 - a huge difference.

    It was going fine, but then bosser started to come, and those you need to kill yourself, they have too much life. While killing them I missed new nodes spawning and got into panic mode.

    Anyway, good learning.

    Sep 11, 2019 07:05:57 AM

    Kelvynn wrote:

    To go 3-curse, you'd need a 6L chest and 3 skill points OR don't anoint Tranquility.

    But for 4 points (or just instead of AA) you can have Aspect of the Spider, which is basically TC + EW combined.

    Of course, I was talking about a hypothetical 6L chest. But honestly, Apsect sounds just fine if I can get it somewhere. I tend to forget the Aspect skills. ^^

    I assume with the 4 points you mean the Sovereignity cluster?

    Sep 11, 2019 07:15:49 AM

    Well boys. The builds coming together slowly but surely. I need to re balance my str & dex at some point though. Crafted a stupid good helmet today with fossils, just missing the last tier of ES for the craft so I threw the highest one i had on for now... next up is trying to get a nice armor base to craft/6L.

    Havoc Visage
    Hubris Circlet
    Click to expand
  • +58 to Intelligence
  • +50 to maximum Energy Shield
  • 42% increased Energy Shield
  • 17% increased Stun and Block Recovery
  • Nearby Enemies have -9% to Cold Resistance
  • 54% increased Energy Shield
  • Abberath_
    Sep 11, 2019 07:39:36 AM

    I just don't know how this build will be able to do blighted maps. I mean the damage is there but having to spin for 0.3 seconds to get it going is a huge thing in blighted maps.

    Sep 11, 2019 08:22:02 AM

    Are we still looking for astramentis or has that changed? Can almost afford one.

    Sep 11, 2019 13:28:45 PM

    Andareas wrote:
    Are we still looking for astramentis or has that changed? Can almost afford one.

    If you cant afford an Astramentis you can look for a Three Rat Talisman with % Increased Attributes implicit (12-16) and some useful stats like: +intelligence , +attributes (you will need some Dex and Str if you dont use Astramentis), +maximum energy shield, %increased energy shield, resistances etc.

    Sep 11, 2019 15:08:30 PM

    Graiaule wrote:
    now 4 days in league its not better then before.

    It's only been four days. Give your gear some time to get better!

    It's really nice that there's a hard challenge here for once. Last league I was just sleeping through T15 maps.

    And yes I am beginning to see you can't just click the towers at random. At the moment, I'm running at a 90% success rate for blights in maps, and 0% for blighted maps 8-).

    For "normal" game play this build is in this league fast as never. Clearspeed is extremly good (for me) delving is really funny. (only freeze is sometimes a problem). And this is the first league i have no problem with
    icursion it left a lot of time and i can clear it complete.

    so its really funny and satisfing.

    But the league theme is fuck as every league bevor.
    I played yesterday with a friend who play a summoner. He is totaly chilled in a blight map. he is running arround makest the towers if he has time he summon some guys next tower and so on.
    but i dont like this summon thing.
    so perhaps they arange the leagues around new classes. Last league melee this league mines and summoner.

    The thing kel wrote i cant do. I have no strategie found to kill the big mobs fast enought in a blight map (only tried 2) and normaly after 1 minute or so my pump ist dead.
    Also in normal maps there are ranged mobs who kill the pump or mobs that dont follow the strings. How do you manage this problem. With the fire and block strategie that dosent work since they kill the pump from range.

    Sep 11, 2019 16:17:22 PM

    Am I the only one whos Brute Force Solution Jewel is bugged?
    I put it on the left side above Devotion and it only gives me 24 intelligence.
    I posted it in the bug forum but no responses.

    Sep 11, 2019 17:00:15 PM

    Vendetta wrote:
    I just don't know how this build will be able to do blighted maps. I mean the damage is there but having to spin for 0.3 seconds to get it going is a huge thing in blighted maps.

    That's unlikely to be a big issue. Icestorm is not an instant damage skill, it does its damage over time and to everything in an area. It would have been a problem if the enemies were coming 1 by 1 with high speed. But since you need to kill slow moving packs, Icestorm is fine.

    Sep 11, 2019 17:12:46 PM
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