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Hello guys!
This is my FIRST EVER build guide i did back in Abyss league! (old thread is locked due to it's age!)
I opened all atlas and killed all map bosses with this build in Abyss league.
With over 20+ active builds it is becoming hard to keep up with replies and comments, so make sure you follow me on discord, twitter and more importantly = twitch to ask for anything!
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V 1.2 UPDATE (06/06/2019)
-POB updated for 3.8
V 1.1 UPDATE (06/06/2019)
-POB updated for 3.7
Path of Building:

T15 Lava Lake:
T15 Reef with all looting:
Atziri (normal):
Shaper 1 (first ever attempt):
Shaper 2 (shit bosses):



1)Reflect/Curse Immune
2)High regen for totem/spellcaster build (1k/sec)
3)Offscreen boss killing


1) Low mobility/low speed map clear
2) Pretty squishy, not easy to get 6k life without life jewel investment

What map mods can i do/can't do with it?
All maps except no life/mana regen. Extra damage mod/crit maps can be rippy

Are abyss jewels/gear required?
No, you can just use normal jewels. In fact double crit jewels are even better for damage.
Gloves are not needed.

How expensive is this build?
Might be one of the cheapest you will ever find. I think the only thing worth 1ex was the amulet. Everything else was sub 1 ex, even jewels. I 6-linked chest myself, as well as dropped wand and shield. Lab boots enchant also did myself. Levelled all gems myself as well.

How can i reach 6k life?
Use jewels with either %increased max life or abyssal ones 45+ life. Also get classic life boots.

Sep 06, 2019 00:42:34 AM
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