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My profession requires me to be resilient during life and death situations...but this is too much when you're in the receiving end. My heart aches for my cousin, aunt and everyone.

Been up for hours now and exhausted. My family lost a good man and he was pretty much the "glue" of the family. He was selfless, hardworking, funny and perhaps the best person you want to be with. I'm really sad that I didn't have the chance to say goodbye, give him a warm hug or take him out of a good lunch at a diner. I cried hard because the people who loves him...was there in the end in a moments notice.

Life can be amazing, thrilling, unpredictable and scary. Don't take it for granted, everyday make the effort say hello to your partner, lover, child, mother, father, friends, etc. Because you'll never know what the next day brings, live in the moment and don't regret anything.

Aug 26, 2019 11:18:20 AM

I'm sorry for your loss.

Aug 26, 2019 11:58:57 AM

I went through something similar a few months back. I wish I could tell you it gets better over time but the jury is still out and I am having my evening whisky patiently waiting for the next step. The problematic part is "the glue of the family" because this sentence makes me think that shit is just about to get worse for everyone involved.

Aug 26, 2019 21:08:25 PM

I'm sorry for you and your family. :(

@John G, you too! I did not know. :(

Aug 27, 2019 00:22:43 AM

Sorry for your loss Molo.
Lost my Mum when she was 59 (20 years ago)
It takes time.

Aug 27, 2019 01:11:19 AM

DoubleU wrote:
Sorry for your loss Molo.
Lost my Mum when she was 59 (20 years ago)
It takes time.

I also lost my mom twenty years ago to this date.

Aug 27, 2019 17:19:26 PM

Even I think you know what you are going through, I believe it can do no harm to remind some things...

You, as everybody, is going through grief. Grief - nothing more and nothing less. Grief can bring us through different thoughs and make us feel like on rollercoster. There is no fault at your side, grief can and usually is asking for self-blame or ask for conscience. Go through grief, cry if you need, smile if you need, ask for forgivness if you need, send your sympathy and love if you need - all of this ts normal during grief time. Some people are going through grief directly after loss, others years later when value of person is recognized. Simply grief is now your "fellowship", its "spiritual time". Grief needs only time to get over.. In the end there will be only the best of you both. And you will smile. Mayby next month or maybe next year..

Today begins, tomorrow never ends.


Aug 27, 2019 18:07:31 PM

kolyaboo wrote:

@John G, you too! I did not know. :(

No worries bro, around these parts only Charan knows because he was remotely providing help and expertise in certain subjects all the way through. Other than that I never thought of telling anyone about it but once it's ready for my brutal comedy then who knows what kind of offensive writings will I produce heheh, I saw you following me on Minds, once they fix the fucking boost feed I'll be back in the game.

Aug 27, 2019 21:27:38 PM

My father was also like the man you described.

Whole family wanted nothing to do with us, but he always reached out to his brothers and tried to include them in our lives.

He was what any good man would wish to be, just as you described. I lost him when I was 15, so I know how you feel.

The good ones only leave when they feel we're ready. That's what I tell myself anyways. They've exuded enough good will that we can learn enough from them, and push on through.

Here's to the good times ahead, and to a good man. Cheers.

Aug 28, 2019 02:19:09 AM
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