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Recently I got my first headhunter and it is a lot of fun, but unfortunately I can't enjoy it because the game crashes frequently between 2m and 10m after running maps with it, often causing deaths too.

It also seems to happen with rampage, or when there are intensive graphics on screen.

I also did a full game reinstall and database rebuild, to no effect.

Even when everyting is ok, the FPS drops dramatically to the point desync is very often and controls are unresponsive, making it impossible to attack.

I hope GGG takes some providences on this, because the game is actually unplayable on ps4.

At least provide an option to have low graphics and disable effects on PS4 version, until you guys can optimize the game enough (I don't really see the second case happening any soon tho).

Really, is it that hard to offer us the option to have low textures and less effects, to the benefit to avoid FPS drops and crashes?

Or, just openly say you just want to bait on new players for early money, and that you don't want them to keep playing and supporting the game later on.

That way I would have invested my tabs money on PC version or another game.

Aug 25, 2019 21:35:06 PM

Same thing happens on Xbox, its a complete waste to play headhunter. You can't use any of the speed buffs.

League is almost over and its still fcking broken.

Aug 27, 2019 14:31:17 PM
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