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Hello, I am searching for some tips/lifehacks for ps4 console before new league starts. I read on forums that some of the builds are not very console friendly, you get a lot of crashes, some of the builds are just better played on PC rather than ps4(mouse and keyboard does the magic). Binding your 'x' key is not recommended (easier to open chests/doors/etc.)
I even think that some league starting builds shouldn't be considered played at the start.
Can you share your experience with builds you tried? I bet most builds if not all are viable/possible but not console friendly, your replays might make new league much better for the rest of us.


Aug 25, 2019 20:45:59 PM

The pro tip for PS4 playing is don't, wait until it's the very least wait 2 weeks for next update and then it may be playable

Aug 25, 2019 22:00:38 PM

Out of all the builds i tryed i can only really recommend building a Bane+Soulrend, Essence Drain+Contagion or Bane+Essence Drain Witch(Occultist)/Shadow(Trickster).

Console can handle these builds rather well and they're good league starters, they're also able to run any map mod blind (wich is a huge + in my book), they melt bosses and feel really save to play.

But unfortunately you will still experience huge fps drops and lags in red maps, especially if they're corrupted with a large amount of modifiers and/or if you're using sextants.

Aug 26, 2019 08:16:43 AM

Atm thinking about trying sweep ,shattering steel or lacerate builds. Anyone has any experience with them on console?
Also will try out poe with external ssd, i hope it will reduce in game lag/blue screens.

For some reason I read few times about essence drain and everyone told that it lags late game on ps4 (maybe Legion was not a great league for this skill). Back in the day essence drain was bad boss killer.

Aug 26, 2019 21:44:57 PM

In general:

If you are happy on PC, I would not advise jumping to Console on a whim - it is very likely that your resolve will be tested at some point and it would be good to have a reason to be here when it happens.

Do not rely on the Market for anything expensive and/or exotic. You likely want a true League Starter Build, something that is pretty SSF compatible.

Roll up a Character pre-Blight and test out stuff like Movement Skills. Make sure you have one that works on your hardware set up (or works well enough).

Know that Flask use is a little more difficult on Console compared to PC and complicated Flask work might prove a challenge - perhaps something to check with a pre-Blight Character run.

My current League Starter is a Minion Build that works with no Uniques. But the Poster with 37 Challenges most likely has a better handle on strategy.

Welcome aboard.

Aug 27, 2019 02:46:30 AM

When poe launched on ps4 i spent most of synthesis league with figuring out what builds are playable performance and control vise.

In the end it comes down to preference, i really like totem, chaos/poison and spell based builds and next league I'll start with a toxic rain ranger.

I've only tried summon raging spirit as a summoner based build and that is by far the worst performing build i ever experienced on console. Crashes the game in 9 out of 10 maps and keeps fps consistent in the single digits.

Melee skills I've tried are only Molten Strike which feels immortal until you encounter a huge fps drop or lag spike that shuts off your life regen and you die. I also tried cyclone which feels a lot better but desyncing is a real issue where delving becomes impossible with this build in my opinion, it also has the same issue with life regen randomly stopping but not nearly as often and severe as molten strike.

I'm aware totem playstyle isn't everyones cup of tea but a holy flame totem and arc totem build feels really solid as well.

I also try to actually play builds with as much legendary items as possible because searching for them on the market doesn't give you a stroke and pricing is most of the time more reasonable because of the higher supply of similar items.

TL:DR avoid skills like arc (unless you play it with a spell totem support which somehow makes it playable), summon raging spirit, leap slam, molten strike and tornado shot.

Also take advantage of killing services until your build is ready for endgame especially in the beginning of the league they are often very cheap or even free if they're part of challenges.

Aug 27, 2019 10:44:47 AM

I started playing POE around 2 months ago on ps4 and my first build was a frostblade / Raider built with which i had a very good time in terms of performance.

Tried out as well a teutonic slam / marauder built and in 3.7, a cyclone / slayer build. TS worked pretty well except part time having some frame issues. I would on the other hand not recommend a cyclone build due to the very often desync problem, GGG should really fix this. You will die a lot due to that and it is very difficult to go higher than level 90 with a cyclone build.

I now switched to PC due to all the crashes, desync and performane issues on ps4.

Aug 28, 2019 22:11:04 PM
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