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If ever there was a league that really rewarded social interaction and relationship building, Betrayal was it.

More of this please.

I'm not talking about the strategic relationship-building you do on your stringboard. that part is entertaining because it has decent voice acting and some rudimentary AI logic to it, but so did Persona 3. So does Civ 6.

I'm talking about crafting services, sharing workbenches, and whatnot.

Synthesis was somewhat similar, but it was nowhere near as community-building as cracking a safehouse packed with 3-star goons and getting slams, scarabs, and bleaching your sockets. Something for everyone!

sadly it's a garbage barge of lag for most people, and even if you are willing to put up with the lag, the rewards aren't all that.

Aug 26, 2019 20:45:28 PM

Arandur wrote:
Well, this game is an ARPG "bruh". Therefore, killing shit is the real deal "bruh".
Clicking on shitty icons, covering 40% of your allready cluttered screen, just completely wrecks the flow of the game "bruh".

Legion was great because you had 2 things to do: Decide how much shit you wanna kill and than kill it. That's what a fraking ARPG should be like.

If I wanna build crappy Towers, I play "Crappy Towers - Tower Defense".
If I want to build crappy dungoens with puzzle pieces, I play "Dungoenscrublord 4 - Build your cave".

Got it, "bruh"?

watch yourself out there in the streets homie

im really bout it bruh

you gon get caught slippin playin around with me

Sep 15, 2019 01:54:20 AM

GGG will always listen to the loudest vocal crowd. These are always the speed freaks that want nothing but to push a button and see shit explode.

The faster you accept it the more fun you'll have.

Sep 16, 2019 12:14:16 PM

the big mistake they did with synthesis was leaking the synthesizer table.

from there on it's been a race to "who can buy the profitable affixes from the market first" race which he whealthiest players won.

Sep 16, 2019 12:56:01 PM
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