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bruh i dont understand

synthesis was a great league. building own path, creating items.. but ggg published a sorry message because it's hated league and made a flashback. not going core.

legion league is just for hh+inspired players. there's no impressive mechanics or so. it's just reverse breach bruh.. ggg desribed this as a loved league and no flashback. going core pathetically. we should have a flashback since there's nothing to do.

i just want a burrito wit no tomato bruh. even gaming is hard for a minority

Aug 25, 2019 20:23:20 PM

Less distractions makes POE better.
POE itself isn't very deep game and should never try to become one.
You map for X hours running one layout over and over again looking at shiny effects that accompany death of monsters and from time to time you get big item to drop.

This works great as long as distraction mechanics are not forced upon you.
When I run maps i want mindless grind. I don't want to play a game of 2 min mindless grind followed by decision making encounters.

And this is what Synthesis is. You run your map relaxed while watching netflix and suddenly you have to make a decision and answer following questions:
-Where i want to go in my nexus
-What type of path i still need
-Is current encounter usefull to get where i want

And BTW you are capped on your memories. Time to stop mapping and get to reward island.

And BTW x2 you are done with applying modifiers to memories time to spend next hour running them and picking small currency one by one.

And BTW x3 something nice spawned nearby, you better grab it now

Aug 25, 2019 21:01:45 PM

They need to cut back on the number of league contents available in the core game.

Should be: When you choose to create a new character, you should be able to select three old mechanics (while prophecies remain, as they don't clutter the game too much) plus the current league mechanic.
In groups the group leader's mechanics take precedence.

Aug 25, 2019 21:05:41 PM

They did this. They added a feature to where you don't have to run incursion, betrayal, etc. until you want to run them. They stack infinitely in a little box now.

Aug 25, 2019 21:20:53 PM

Well, this game is an ARPG "bruh". Therefore, killing shit is the real deal "bruh".
Clicking on shitty icons, covering 40% of your allready cluttered screen, just completely wrecks the flow of the game "bruh".

Legion was great because you had 2 things to do: Decide how much shit you wanna kill and than kill it. That's what a fraking ARPG should be like.

If I wanna build crappy Towers, I play "Crappy Towers - Tower Defense".
If I want to build crappy dungoens with puzzle pieces, I play "Dungoenscrublord 4 - Build your cave".

Got it, "bruh"?

Aug 26, 2019 09:32:03 AM

"synthesis was great."

yeah no, not a good way to start a post.

Aug 26, 2019 09:36:58 AM

I was pretty disappointed with the lack of flashback league. Instead we got a race between streamers who ended after 1h.

Aug 26, 2019 09:41:40 AM

Yeah synthesis was a great league, played 50% more of it than legion.

The direction they are binding in old league content currently is a bit concerning. They are trying to make mf useless and add lootboxes into league content. Items don't hold much value with meta shifts and archetyps. No value, no meaning, shallow game.

Aug 26, 2019 09:56:16 AM

I loved Synthesis as a concept (and yes, disliked Legion as a concept - bite me!). But its execution / implementation was atrocious. And unfortunately by the time GGG fixed it (and they never fully fixed it - the Synthesizer remained terrible to the end), the proverbial well was already poisoned. So they just gave up on it. I understand why they felt they had to do so.

We're getting the boss fights of Synthesis back now. At this point, I just hope they also add Fractured items back into the game as occasional drops as well (they're great for crafting, even without synthesizing). But we're not getting the Synthesizer back, nor do I want it (unless its given a major overhaul). And we're probably not getting the memory map back either, albeit I would be up for that.

Aug 26, 2019 10:16:30 AM

I don't mind the league mechanics. Except for Betrayal, it sucked big time for me and still does.

My problem with the instances is that most instances is undoable while leveling and that's the stage when I really want to do them.

Most of them only works on an AOE and fast moving build.

They should just take it out of the campaign and let it only spawn in maps where you choose to spawn it.

But yea, I am a noob in this game so my 2C probably doesn't count.

Aug 26, 2019 10:16:41 AM
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