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Hello GGG,
Hello Summorners,

I would be happy if Desecrate and Unearth could create some kind of ghost weapons. These ghost weapons cannot be picked up. So you would also have the possibility to conjure new Animated Weapons when changing areas, for example in the Delve Mine or when entering the Boss area. Then you could also pass bosses with Animated Weapon.

If you enter the area with bosses, there is a danger that the monsters will attack the Minion with a Summorner. As long as you don't move you are protected and the monsters can't hurt the Minions. However, the monsters or bosses react to the Minions. For example, a lot of spells and attacks have already been fired at the position by bosses and minions (see Elder). If you move only then, you die unnecessarily from the incoming damage.
It would be good if the monsters or bosses would not react to the Minions when entering an area, for example through a portal. So summoners have the same chances as melee fighters and spellcasters without minions.

With Monster Nemesis Mod "Volatile Flame" it would be important that it would fly over your own Minions. If it flies through Minions, you can't see the fireball very well and the danger that you die unnecessarily is greatly increased here.
Also a screen warning (visual) would be nice. The sound comes, but not every player gets it. If, for example, you talk to Team Speak or Discord with other players or are addressed, the warning tone can go down. Some players also have music playing or the sounds are deactivated.
I also find the damage very high. The summorners usually don't have such high life values. They rely on the Minions to do most of the damage or the monsters to die very quickly. Wouldn't it be fair for everyone, if the "Volatile Flame" take max. 75% Life or ES damage at all in the epicenter and less at the edge. So the danger would be the same for all.

Best regards


Aug 25, 2019 18:46:57 PM

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Aug 27, 2019 00:50:47 AM

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Aug 31, 2019 22:28:31 PM
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