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The Queen's Sacrifice
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The ancient queen casts her gaze upon her reflection, and at last the curse is broken.

WTS The Queen's Sacrifice Prophecy, PS4, Legion League, SC.
This prophecy can be used to obtain Atziri's Reflection.

Aug 25, 2019 10:19:26 AM

this is my first league and it took me a while until i sorted things out crafting delve prophecys..... and then i bought my first premium tab i had a shitload on items so i puted in anything for 1c. I didn't cared i was happy finaly get some cash. And then so many ppl wanted the juwelers touch twice enchanted and this queen thing from me. i was like woah spam hits me and then there was a guy he wanted to give me 20c for the queen. And i was like WOW what a nice guy and sold it to him. I'm don't even mad because at least i got 19c more Chaos from him then i would have goten from other guys ^

Sep 16, 2019 21:55:54 PM
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