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Hey guys,

Thinking about what I wanna roll for next league's start. I was thinking about doing something unconventional, so Herald of Purity came to my mind.

The goal was to create a beefy Guardian with mobile meatshields. I think I succeeded, but since I have little experience playing minion builds I'm asking for others to see over it and give me some feedback on it.

The stats:

5.7k life
18k Armour
85% Physical damage reduction
permanent fortify
3 Endurance and Frenzy Charges

700k DPS per Sentinel
30k Life per Sentinel

Gonna play SSF. Curious to see how well it will work out. :)

Aug 25, 2019 00:41:50 AM

Well you probably shouldnt expect 700k dps per Sentinel, since thats the Crusade slam dps, which has a 6s cool down. Im guessing more like 400k dps per.

Have you thought about using impale? Impale Support, Dread Banner-Generosity, Aura effect etc. I got a PoB with about 1M dps per skeleton with impale shenanigans.
Blood and Sand also comes to mind, in Blood Stance. Then again Pride is not calculated correctly i think.
As all summoners, you are heavily dex starved. When playing Necro i skill into the Shadow starter area to grab life, as, cs and dex nodes on the way. Sometimes all the way down into Charisma.
All of this is just my opinion ofcourse.

Other than that, your Abyss Jewel is quite unrealistic i think and im not sure if the clear is gonna be great.

But it should work decently enough for SSF and as a budget bosser/league starter with a beefy center piece and no worries about dying minions aslong as you hit an enemy.

Aug 25, 2019 03:31:19 AM

HerrImHimmel wrote:

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, PoB is a little messy in regards to Pride. It calculates about half the DPS it should.

I considered Impale but reckon that it wouldn't be worth the investment.

Impale Support: 40% chance to Impale
Dread Banner + Generosity: 28% chance to Impale

With about 70% chance to Impale and the big hit (Crusade Slam) being on cooldown most of the time, I don't see the benefit on a non-champion setup..

Calculated it with my Impale Excel like

68% chance to Impale
84% Impale effectiveness (counting Generosity)
5 maximum Impale Stacks

About 1.62 damage multiplier

For that you have to use up one support on the main setup and Dread Banner + Generosity instead of running a damaging support like Conc Effect + Pride aura.

Don't think it's worth it to be honest, especially if you don't roll impale on the Crusade Slams.

I agree with the Abyss Jewel of course. That's just the BiS for endgame. I am quite crafty and have made similiar jewels in SSF before, so I simply put it in there for good measure. :)

I'll either start with this or a Totem Hierophant and see how it goes. Thanks for the input! :)

Aug 25, 2019 13:52:22 PM

You're welcome.

Maybe have a look at this aura setup. Im could be running Pride + Blood and Sand + Vulnerability (aura) + Dreadbanner (Generosity).

Maybe i missed something, but it seems legit.

Oh nvm, im using Charisma and you are not on the right side of the tree or near it :D

Aug 25, 2019 14:05:25 PM

You might add Herald of Agony for an extra DPS/clear and apply curse/poison by using ball lightning + CoH + Poison support + curse.
Just an idea:)

Aug 25, 2019 14:10:11 PM
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